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Scan the World India: A brief introduction

14 August, 2019

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From a brief encounter to a wonderful partnership.

Scan the World India started as a project combining PhD research and a lot of passion. Over the last year, the project has become a “child” of Scan the World and has taken on an important role of its own, growing in size and reach.


Ishita Jain, the research director, has always had a strong interest in freedom and her own culture; she felt that traditional museums were not truly showing all that India has to offer. From this dissatisfaction she started her journey to find a space which would share her values. In this quest, she approached Scan the World with the idea of creating a digital collection of her cultural heritage and this became Scan the World India - a community based project to share India’s beautiful and meaningful artifacts with the world. The team has now expanded to three members and Ishita is continuing her scanning journey in another part of the country, so we certainly have stories and models to look forward to!


If you would like to join their efforts, please let them know at

If you have your own culture you would like to share or preserve in 3D, let us know at! Scan the World Africa or Oceania or Japan or Peru (or anywhere!) is waiting for you.

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