Scan the World strives to play an important role in enabling a cultural ‘MetaReverse’. The successful project, started in 2014, allows anyone to share personal meaningful cultural artefacts in the format of free to download, 3D printable scans. By doing so, Scan the World brings the cultural artefact as the protagonist of its history and in turn facilitates more direct connections between the global community's shared cultural heritage. . Scan the World is positioning itself as an alternative to Metaverses.

"Scan the World enables the emergence of a conscious space that protects and shares stories of our shared heritage"

For the advent of a
Cultural MetaReverse

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A MetaReverse is a liberating universe built on actual connections between people. It strives to fight and Re-verse the slow death of human consciousness and the unconsciousness brought by Metaverses. It aims to facilitate a Re-connection between people, their history and spirituality. A MetaReverse supports the Re-turn of individuality and Mutual Aid.

Scan the World supports this emergence of a cultural MetaReverse by bringing meaningful digital cultural artefacts back into the physical world via 3D printing, yet to be shared directly only by related and connected people, in a decentralised manner.



A Metaverse is a digital trap that wishes to mimic actual life in a digital format.It takes inspiration from how processed food has attempted to replicate naturally grown food in the 20th century. As highlighted by Jean Baudrillard, the Metaverse, or hyperreality, is a heightened level of reality that has been hijacked by greed,

"We live in a world where there is more and more information, and less and less meaning" (Simulacra and Simulation 1994).

A Metaverse facilitates de-connection, de-humanisation and de-tention with absolute control of personal data and personal self. In a nutshell, it strives to annihilate individuality.

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Why is the emergence of Metaverses a risk for humanity?

Physical cultural artefacts have shaped our conscience for a millennia. While many artefacts have been crafted with love, tradition and identity to aid in the creation and common connection of a community, some have been made to frame Humanity’s perspective on what is considered beautiful or meaningful. The latter have been instrumentalised by dominant players to frame Humanity with a physical representation of the good, the bad and the ugly. They have defined our history with physical representations of heroic soldiers, scientific geniuses, social activists and great artists in accordance with the winners of wars. In brief, sculptures have become the physical representation of the dominant narrative. Placed in museums, they are losing their contexts and the fingers used to produce them are forgotten.

Digital 3D assets will shape our conscience in Metaverses

Tech behemoths, the new meta dominant of our World, have turned their focus on owning the digital 3D cultural artefacts that will populate Metaverses. In doing so, they are replicating what previous dominants (oil and fashion magnates, industrialists, kings and queens,...) have done with buying art and historical collections to assert their narrative on the people. The risk is that humanity may lose sight of their cultural identities, diluted in Metaverses and controlled by dominant players.

Scan the World enables the emergence of a MetaReverse for cultural artefacts, a liberating universe.

What is at stake now is for the people to regain control of the narrative (historical, philosophical, scientific and spiritual) in order to reconnect with their consciousness and subconsciousness. Scan the World strives to facilitate this liberation by enabling an Ecosystem where everyone can freely share directly meaningful digital 3D scanned cultural artefacts for physical representation (3D printing).

Scan the World was built as a means to create fairness in digital culture and stabilise a power imbalance between the people and the institution. It provides a safe space for artefacts, stories and culture to be shared and discovered, no matter where in the world it comes from.

Scan the World arims to enable the re-population of MetaReverses with free digital artefacts contributed/scanned by the people, loved and curated by the people, meaningful for the people. Being 3D printable, these digital assets can be turned into physical objects to be shared and enjoyed in real life between genuine communities, reversing the digital trapping led by tech behemoths.

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