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3D printing impact the most in the world World is coming easier. 3D printing is the opposite of subtractive manufacturing. 3D printing enables you to produce complex shapes using less material than traditional manufacturing methods. Let’s explore a few already existing projects which convey good effect for us 1.Healthcare: Just imagine the implications of being able to create working replicas of human tissue and organs. While we are still years away from providing the mass market with new body parts on demand, there a number of promising 3D printing ventures in the healthcare domain. Moving away from the internal body system, we get to prosthetics hand. 2. Homelessness: Another infuriating world problem which can be solved to a certain point through the use of 3D printing. For sure, a 3D printed house (with electricity and plumbing) is still expensive for a homeless person but getting significant reductions. 3. Water pollution: That said, 3D printing has the potential to save these extremely important and help rebuild their ecosystems. For example, companies like Reef Design Lab use 3D printing build homes and protective habitats for baby coral polyps. 4.Product Development & Prototyping: The more iterative and research-based product development becomes the more success these companies will have with it. So, I expect outsized impacts on product development and the bottom lines of companies that use 3D printing extensively. 5.Personalized medicine: By using CAT and MRI scans to visualize a surgery, plan the procedure and 3D print a personalized implant better patient outcome will be achieved. This is the same for prosthetics & many medical devices. 6. Aerospace: The Dreamliner and Airbus A380 already use 3D printed parts. Additionally, F18's and other aircraft have benefitted from 3D printed parts on retrofitting projects. Aerospace is low volume production and is ideally suited for 3D printing. 7. Automobile Manufacturing: 3D printing can be used to cut down on labor costs, customize and personalize platforms, allow for customization of individual cars and the development of new things such as heatsinks, ducting, engine, battery & structural parts that can’t be produced with another technology. 8.Gifts, jewelry, toys, hobby items, interior decoration and fashion accessories: These are all markets where home 3D printers and especially 3D printing services can make significant impacts by letting people design and make personalized & individualized things that mean more to them or fit the use case of the product better. 9.Education: Importance of 3D Printing in Education It provides teachers with 3 dimensional visual aids that they can use in their classroom particularly in illustrating a hard to grasp concept 3D printers make it easy for teachers to seize the interest of their students compared to just showing the pictorial representations of objects 3D printing will eventually impact any and every industry.