Holy Company of Fisterra

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Although many different versions of the Santa Compaña (or Holy Company) can be found, the common belief is that of a procession of the dead, or souls that are in torment, that wander through the village paths of a parish beginning at midnight wearing white, hooded cloaks. The procession is led by a living person carrying a cross or a cauldron of holy water, followed by several of the souls of the dead holding lit candles. Although these souls are not always seen, it is said that the scent of melted wax can be detected on the breeze which appears as they pass to warn of their presence. The living leader of the procession is compelled by a supernatural force to go out every night and walk by towns, villages and forests; but having no recollection of it the following day. By the same token, because the living person is unaware of what he is doing, there is no chance that he will renounce his duty in leading the Santa Compaña as the curse that forces him to lead the procession puts him into a trance every midnight. The procession ends before daybreak and the living leader of the procession returns to his bed with no memory of what occurred the next morning but feeling very tired and weary as though he did not get adequate rest. He can only be freed of the curse if he manages to come across another person during the procession to carry the cross or the cauldron, as the curse will be passed onto that person. It is said that if the curse leader does not pass the curse onto another person in a matter of weeks, he will eventually grow pale, thin and sickly and eventually die and the curse will be passed onto another parishioner that will unknowingly receive the curse.