Snapmaker & Make Anything Competition Annoucement!

In case you missed it - check out the announcement for the winners of the Snapmaker x MakeAnything Polypanel 3D design competition


6 months ago

Make Anything Polypanels Competition!

Devin Montes also known as Make Anything partnered with MyMiniFactory and Snapmaker to create the Polypanels Competition! The competition was focussed on 3D designers and 3D makers using MakeAnything’s signature Polypanel momdels to create new, functional and interesting designs. The competition was judged for those who created a new form of polypanel, and those who built a model out of existing polypanel pieces. We’ll let Devin give you some more information:

You can also learn more about the competition and Polypanels pieces by checking out this 3D printable polypanels blog post:


Devin had a big decision to make with this competition, with not one, but two Snapmaker2 3D printers to give away! In equally exciting news, since the competition went live, the Snapmaker 2 kickstarter campaign has become the most funded technology project in kickstarter history! So the winners were definitely receiving a gift worth every moment of the task! Plus with over 400 entries, Devin had a difficult choice ahead of him! Fortunately, he had fun sorting through all the entries and loved and 3D printed so many of them, as you can see from his video.

In the end, there could only be three winners!

First Prize:

3D Printed Polypanel Robot Kit

After much deliberation, Devin picked Brodie Fairhall’s 3D printed Polypanel Robot Kit as the winner of the competition. This 3D printed vehicle was a worthy winner for its ambitiousness and the way it demonstrated the dynamism of the polypanel pieces. Brodie created the kit, using 15 3D printed specialty panels as well as compatible accessories. His kit allows you to use 3D printed polypanel parts in conjunction with electronic and mechanical pieces to create your own 3D printable RC polypanel tank.

It’s a fabulously big build and plenty of fun! Once you download the kit you have 15 panels that you can make anything from. The beauty of polypanels is definitely in their versatility. Find other panels in the expansive library to create some amazing builds! Brodie plans on creating a second Polypanels Robot Kit so keep your eyes peeled! The 3D printable Polypanels Robot Kit is available for download for free on MyMiniFactory by clicking on the link.

Second Prize

3D Printed Polypanel Shaft System

The Snapmaker A100 Basic 3D printer was awarded to Brien Allison for his 3D printable Polypanels Shaft System. Brien’s intention with these 3D printed designs was to expand the library of polypanels with mechanics and moving parts. Better yet, he wanted these parts to be easily 3D printable and accessible for all skill levels - engaging more creatives to use polypanels to build moving objects and mechanisms. The 3D printed mechanical design is based on the traditional ‘rotative beam engines’. These engines were used to power factories, and mines with steam and kinetic energy. You can download the STL files for free by clicking the link! 3D print the parts and use it to build your own beam engine or any polypanel machine your mind can imagine!


Third Prize

3D Printable Pixel Polypanel

Niel Van Der Merwe is our third finalist, with his 3D printable Pixel Polypanel design. This specialty polypanel piece allows you to use arduino to integrate LED lights into your 3D printed panels. A fun project to make your polypanels glow in any and all colors! Connect multiple 3D printed pixel polypanels together to create a stunning light show. Even create unique and customizable pictures from colored lights. Though this wasn't the only light integration in the polypanels design competition, what made Niel’s stand out above all the rest was his demo presentation. Neil connected several panels and programmed them to change color in sequence, really bringing his design to life.


A GIGANTIC congratulations to Brodie, Brien and Niel, we hope you all enjoy your prizes courtesy of Snapmaker!


That’s all the winners we have to announce today, but stay tuned for more as more competitions draw to a close.

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