MyMiniFactory Pledge Manager Launch - We Have Lift Off!


6 months ago

We have launched our very own MyMiniFactory Pledge Manager! This solution is a way you can gain support for your 3D designs through pledges from fellow 3D printing enthusiasts, increasing profile visibility and revenue for 3D designers.


What is the Purpose of a Pledge Manager?

Crowdfunding is a finite solution to gather financial support from backers for projects, often in large scale audiences through small contributions.

Through a Pledge Manager as an additional method of gaining support, backers can continue to support your pledges post-campaign, creating further support for your 3D designs.

The MyMiniFactory Pledge Manager focuses specifically on crowdfunding so that backers can contribute to campaign add-ons for 3D designs, gathering funds for the fulfillment of a service that 3D designers provide.


Why Did We Start MyMiniFactory Pledge Manager?

The MyMiniFactory Pledge Manager is designed to establish a seamless process between 3D designers and backers. Our Pledge Manager focuses on 3D printing and designers’ ability to distribute STL files, unlike previous Pledge Manager systems such as Backerkit and Crowdox.

3D designers are able to display 3D prints and increase accessibility to profiles. You can organize your 3D designs in campaigns as intended, allowing greater accessibility for your backers to pledge and upgrade pledges with add ons.

No longer will you have to follow strict regimes, pay unnecessary fees or lose track of countless pledges on Kickstarter Pledge Managers.

Now, with the MyMiniFactory Pledge Manager, we can leave behind tedious solutions such as Dropbox and Drive, and look to the future, ensuring the best 3D printing experience for everybody!




Why Do Designers Love Pledge Managers?

The MyMiniFactory Pledge Manager is a service for 3D designers to source an additional stream of income through pledges from backers. If you’re looking for an opportunity to expand your business - the MyMiniFactory Pledge Manager is an excellent solution. Some examples of 3D designer benefits include:

  • Earn profits for 3D designs.
  • Build sustainability in the 3D design industry through backer contributions.
  • Increase brand awareness and expand your following.
  • Organize, and personalize 3D design campaigns.
  • Save time with seamless file distribution grouped according to pledge tier

With the MyMiniFactory Pledge Manager, you will be able to structure your pledge page in the way that you had envisioned. Offer add-ons to your designs, and pledge upgrades, then distribute your STL files with ease.

Our mission is to provide an inclusive space and suitable tools to ensure 3D designers and makers have the freedom, flexibility and opportunities for additional income. Building a brand is a full-time job, our hope is that this will boost your business and product distribution and unblock potential volume for business.


What Does the Community Have to Say?

We have taken feedback from the community and worked closely with MyMiniFactory 3D designer Ben Mowrey, also known as the 2nd Dynasty (four-time successful crowdfunding campaign manager).

You'll have instant access, direct distribution and pledge upgrades all from the same file-sharing platform we know and love, MyMiniFactory.” - 2nd Dynasty

Ben is a pioneer in using this exciting new platform to expand his following! Follow the link below to check out 2nd Dynasty’s awesome 3D designs!

The MyMiniFactory Pledge Manager has been a major hit for designers, consumers and the community as a whole! Let’s continue to work together in pursuing this incredible growth and increasing accessibility to incredible 3D designs.


Working Together to Strengthen The Capability Of Our 3D Printing Community

Working in alignment with our values of sustainability, we are committed to creating a system that serves the needs of 3D designers who strive to build a successful profile based on their passion for 3D design.

With our very own Pledge Manager, this will be easier for us to achieve than ever, Designers will be able to share and organize their 3D designs with the community in a manner they choose to exhibit their work.

Whether you 3D print as a hobby or as a full-time designer, we are very excited for you to share in our latest features with us, to expand our community and provide you a sustainable method to increase the following and profits from your 3D designs.

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