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4 months ago

The Statens Museum for Kunst (or the SMK) is the Danish National Gallery, located in Copenhagen, the heart of the nation. The gallery collects a range of Danish and other European cultural artefacts that date back as far as the 14th century up to more contemporary art.


With such a wonderful collection of historical heritage, it should be available for everybody to enjoy, however, this is not always the case; particularly in uncertain times like these whereby travel is limited and many sites of cultural heritage are forced to close their doors to the public. So, how can we get access to the wonderful art that the SMK has to offer?


Scan The World

If you don’t already know, Scan The World is a platform built upon the foundations of the community working together to enable open access to cultural artefacts. By scanning museums, heritage sites and private collections around the world through *photogrammetry, Scan the World offers a completely unique opportunity to be a part of a friendly 3D printing community and opening access to cultural heritage.

*Photogrammetry is the process in which a series of overlapping photographs are stitched together to create a 3D representation of an object, like cultural artefacts, or an environment.

By being part of Scan The World’s 3D printing community, you are granted access to an incredible and expansive selection of extraordinary digital 3D cultural artefacts, completely free to download.



There is an undivided significance of cultural heritage across the world that it is crucial for maintaining our respective history and sense of cultural identity. In contemporary society physical artefacts are often hard to access or are lost, whether that be through natural disasters; heritage hidden in museum archives; or inability to travel to destinations with ease. Scan the World aims to share cultural artefacts with the community in a way that liberates and promotes culture.

The way in which we can achieve this liberation of culture is by spreading knowledge to those that may not have ease of access to such heritage. Scan The World, in league with MyMiniFactory, provides a platform for this admittance in an ambitious endeavor for the community to access a whole new world of cultural artefacts. Scan The World empowers the community to share their 3D scans, discoveries and remixes to grant further access to cultural heritage.


Achieving Scan The World’s mission

The goals of Scan The World are simple. They want the difficulty of access to cultural artefacts to become a predicament of the past; to liberate and seize cultural heritage for all to connect with and enjoy.

The Scan The World project is built through a number of methods such as community scanning and internal ‘guerrilla’ scanning. This is a process which enables passionate individuals to scan cultural artefacts and upload the item to Scan The World for others to enjoy.



By visiting international museums and other sites of heritage such as the Statens Museum for Kunst, Scan The World’s community is continuously expanding. Through digital scanning of artefacts (whether a sculpture, a bust or a painting), and sharing the scans with the community, culture is becoming more open and accessible for all.

Official partnerships with museums using high-quality scanning hardware (through sponsorships) enable more open access to these cultural heritage sites. Through photogrammetry, the use of photography to scan objects, anyone is able to produce an accurate representation of the cultural artefact and construct a 3D printable-design.

By scanning your own cultural artefacts, we are able to continue the expansion of this fantastic and intuitive platform. Share all of your exciting discoveries with us at


Who are the SMK and why do we love them?

Boasting of rich cultural heritage from a number of centuries and countries, the Statens Museum for Kunst possesses an extensive and unique collection of fantastic artefacts from a diverse range of cultures. The museum collects, maintains, researches and handles Danish and foreign art dating back to the 14th century.

The exhibitions that the SMK provides vary from paintings including, but not limited to, an extensive collection of bold still-life by Emile Othon Friesz (hailing from France, prominent in the early 20th century) to original marbles/bronzes by Bernini.


The Bernini sculptures scanned from The SMK



The SMK houses the Royal Collection of Graphic Art which is filled with over 240,000 works consisting of paintings, drawings, etchings and more. The collection is not easily accessible and to permit entry, one must book in advance. The same goes for the Royal Cast Collection, another wonderful selection of cultural heritage found at the SMK that we cannot access with ease. Scan The World creates access to this wonderful collection and others such as these by digitalizing the cultural artefacts.

Art wants to be free.” SMK-Open Project

Through exhibiting extensive cultural heritage from a variety of cultures, there is something for everybody at the Statens Museum for Kunst. Particularly those who share Scan The World’s interest in cultural artefacts.


“There’s enormous potential in making the collection available in digital form.” SMK


Relationship between SMK and STW

The SMK is one of Scan the World’s oldest and dearest friends. The National Gallery of Denmark holds an abundance of fantastic cultural artefacts, many of which can be accessed and scanned through their profile on MyMiniFactory.

After recently deciding to embark on a journey to modernize cultural artefacts and create digital access to art, the Statens Museum for Kunst welcomed Jon from Scan The World to embrace the cosmos of 3D digital scanning and printing.

With thanks to digital access modernizing cultural heritage, the Statens Museum for Kunst has recovered the access to a lost section of their museum, which had been previously closed to the public to save funds because of continued budget cuts.

To learn more about Scan The World’s visit to the Statens Museum for Kunst, follow this link:

To celebrate our partnership, Scan the World will be posting several previously unreleased scans of masterpieces from the SMK's collection. Be sure to share your 3D prints, remixes and artworks with us!

Today, Scan the World releases The Barberini Faun. Keep an eye out for future special models!



The OpenGLAM movement

Across the globe, museums are digitalizing their cultural artefacts. The Statens Museum for Kunst is at the forefront of this revolutionary movement. Join the OpenGLAM campaign in creating open-access of cultural heritage for individuals around the world!

The values of OpenGLAM align with ours perfectly (GLAM standing for galleries, libraries, archives and museums, all of which are prime examples of sites which hold important cultural heritage). Scan The World believes in modernizing the world of culture and supporting communities that possess open access to cultural heritage around the planet.

Whether you’re studying or hold a keen interest with regards to culture, OpenGLAM is a concept to keep an eye out for developments on.


“A modern set of principles and values on Open Access for Cultural Heritage.”OpenGLAM


In the not so distant future, we are expecting a launch of the Declaration on Open Access for Cultural Heritage, so watch their space! We will be writing more about OpenGLAM in times to come.


Scan The World’s benefit for you?

Through these official partnerships with institutions across the globe, such as the SMK, Scan the World aims to open the doors to a new and tangible world of culture for you.

Only 3-5% of museum collections are on display to the public. This means that there are so many cultural artefacts that still remain inaccessible to the public, which are reserved for those with academic credentials.



We are now able to access so many more cultural artefacts and heritage sites than ever, thanks to democratized technologies. For zero cost, you can download our scanned images and commence your 3D print instantaneously,thanks to the click-and-print solution!

Scan The World provides you with a completely unique platform in which you can share your 3D scans to a community that share your values of cultural heritage. Whether you’re a historian, an avid traveler, a lover of art or simply someone that holds strong values for cultural artefacts, Scan The World is a space in which you can share your own individual cultural heritage with others from around the world.


Excited to get involved? Here’s what you can do!

We encourage you to work with us to open up the world of art and culture for everybody! If you want to get involved and embark on a journey with us, here’s how you can start.

Simply scan a cultural artefact yourself (whether it be a sculpture, bust or a piece of architecture) through photogrammetry (even a smartphone can be used) and share your discoveries with us at We look forward to hearing from you!

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