Remix Objects on MyMiniFactory

You can now easily remix other people's designs

with our new remix feature

Posting a Remix on MyMiniFactory

Did you know, you can now upload remixes of other people’s objects on MyMiniFactory?

On MyMiniFactory, we often see our users get inspired by other designs, and borrowing some elements for their own creation. We call this - a remix. While remixing is OK with most designers, we want to ensure all designers on MyMiniFactory get the credit they deserve.Rather than just mentioning it in the description, we thought it deserved a new feature of its own.

We have just released a new feature, allowing you, uploaders, to easily credit designers whose creations you have been using for your own project.

1. Go to the original design's page and click "Add Your Remix"

2. Upload your new remixed design!




If you have any questions about posting a remix on MyMiniFactory, please get in touch with


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