Design Brief

Ever wanted to 3D design something for a celebrity? Well now is your chance to not only work with totally cool Floreon 3D filament, but to design a pair of specs for the awesome Ian Wright, and win a year’s worth of filament to boot. You will also get to be one of Floreon’s 3D Ambassadors and test all their new products first before anyone else.

Who knows – Ian might even wear your specs on his next TV appearance, and they will certainly go onto the life size model of Ian's head which is being printed at the iMakr store in London.

Floreon3D is made from plants, not oils! Therefore, it is kinder to the environment and 4 x tougher than standard PLA. This means there are fewer breakages and the colour stays as vibrant after printing as it was on the spool.

Your brief is to design a pair of fun, and totally cool specs for Ian Wright – something he would be happy to be seen in around town and maybe on Match of the Day! Boot up the 3D scan of Ian’s head 3D and our Floreon glasses template files and hinge stl files to give you the best chance of making functional glasses.

Want to win? Don’t forget to download our Floreon designer resources and guidelines here.

Good luck!

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Ian Wright:

“I am really excited to be part of the Floreon team and involved in this project. I am also excited to be 3D printed! There have been 3D printed football boots but as far as I am aware, no-one has 3D printed a life-size ex-footballer, so it will be fun to be the first. And I hope it will make people aware that there are alternatives to oil based plastics that are more than fit for purpose, and don’t harm the environment. I am delighted to support Floreon. I have a large family, and I am very passionate about creating a better future for them and everyone.”


1st Prize A fantastic Ultimaker 2+ 3D desktop printer worth £1,665!
A set of custom made designer glasses or sunglasses of your winning design (with or without prescription lenses), made by Ian’s Optician, Bespoke Eyewear - worth a lot!
Become a Floreon ambassador with a year’s supply of our extraordinary filament reels worth £900.
Bring your ideas to life with the support of one of our 3D design Experts - worth its weight in gold!
A copy of Ian Wright’s autobiography, signed for you by the man himself! Priceless!
2nd Prize Two reels of filament - with your choice of colours - every month for a year, and a signed copy of Ian Wright’s autobiography.
3rd Prize A signed copy of Ian Wright’s autobiography as well as a single filament reel every month for half a year!

Judging process:

Read the submission terms at the bottom of this page.

Submit your design using the submit button above before the deadline of the 10th of February 2017.

Submissions that meet the design constraints will be test printed in Floreon and photographed by the MMF team.

The lucky winner will be selected by a judging panel comprised of Floreon and Ian Wright!

About Floreon

Floreon is a specially formulated compound, which is added to standard bioplastic, polylactic acid (PLA) to create an innovative material with a sustainable origin and a range of end of life options.

It was created from a desire for a greener, safer form of plastic. Unhappy with the options available they decided to develop their own. After four years and a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with the University of Sheffield a unique, environmentally friendly, fully compostable and high performing bioplastic was born.

Floreon is award winning and has global patents, more importantly than that, Floreon 3D is better for the environment, better for the 3D print fanatic and stronger and more flexible than standard 3D filaments.

Design Tips

Remember to download the designer tips PDF for essential measurements to ensure your design will fit.

Tip 1: Read the brief and Ian’s quote carefully to create a pair of glasses suited to his personality.
Tip 2: Do your research on Ian. Originality is great but ‘wearability’ might be the key to success in this!
Tip 3: Think about the colour of the frame. Colour can emphasise personality and character.
Tip 4: Test your designs on the 3D scan of Ian’s head and make sure it corresponds to the size of the lifesize scan.
Tip 5: Download the 3D scan of Ian’s head 3D to test the style and fit of your design (to be used solely for the purpose of the competition and not for redistribution use or commercial activities).
Tip 6: Key in the glasses template files and hinge stl files provided to choose a frame shape from the two templates available and the arms to match .

Special Thanks to

Ultimaker for providing a fantastic prize for the winner; a great all-round 3D desktop printer, with optimised airflow for a smoother print.

Ian Wright for being a brilliant ambassador of Floreon 3D and being the face of this exciting #DesignitWright competition.

Bespoke Eyewear and, most of all, Floreon 3D for their great partnership and offerings in the competition.

Terms of submission

Floreon. reserves the rights to use any designs submitted in this competition as printable content for their machines, for all commercial and noncommercial purposes.

* Submitted designs will go live on the site.

** Participants may only submit designs their own, original designs.

*** By submitting your design you agree to the above terms of submission.

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