The ultimate 3d forest bundle for wargame

Published 2019-06-25T15:53:00+00:00

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    $10.00 The ultimate 3d forest bundle for wargame

    Published 2019-06-25T15:53:00+00:00



    10 objects

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    Technical Information
    Date de publication 25/06/2019
    Price $10.00
    Sans support YES
    Object Parts
    Tree2 Stump Base.obj 43 MB
    Tree3 Stump Base.obj 34 MB
    Tree1 Stump Base.obj 24 MB
    Sign 1.Obj 19 MB
    Sign 2.Obj (Repaired) 32 MB
    Tree2 Down.obj 19 MB
    Skull Chain X1.Obj 10 MB
    Rock 1.Obj 9 MB
    Tree1 Down.obj 9 MB
    Leaves 4.Obj 15 MB
    Tree2 Up.obj 8 MB
    Skull Chain X2.Obj 15 MB
    Leaves 2.Obj (Repaired) 14 MB
    Leaves 3.Obj 9 MB
    Leaves 1.Obj 9 MB
    Tree3 Down.obj 4 MB
    Tree1 Up.obj 7 MB
    Tree3 Up.obj 7 MB
    Skull Chain X3.Obj 11 MB
    Treebranch1.Obj 10 MB
    Beehive.obj 3 MB
    Wyldwoodbase.obj 2 MB
    Wyldwoodbase 1.Obj 7 MB
    Wyldwoodbase 2.Obj 7 MB
    Tree3 Up Full.obj 2 MB
    Tree3 Up Part4.Obj 13 MB
    Tree3 Up Part7.Obj 22 MB
    Tree3 Up Part3.Obj 3 MB
    Tree3 Up Part6.Obj 8 MB
    Tree3 Up Part1.Obj 8 MB
    Tree2 Up Part6.Obj 6 MB
    Tree2 Up Part5.Obj 32 MB
    Tree2 Up Part4.Obj 3 MB
    Tree2 Up Part1.Obj 1 MB
    Tree2 Up Part3.Obj 591 KB
    Tree2 Up Full.obj 28 MB
    Tree3 Up Part5.Obj 19 MB
    Tree1 Up Part5.Obj 8 MB
    Tree1 Up Part6.Obj 6 MB
    Tree1 Up Part8.Obj (Repaired) 5 MB
    Tree3 Up Part2.Obj 5 MB
    Tree1 Up Part3.Obj 4 MB
    Tree1 Up Part4.Obj 12 MB
    Tree1 Up Part7.Obj 4 MB
    Tree3 Down Part5.Obj 3 MB
    Tree2 Up Part2.Obj 2 MB
    Tree1 Up Part2.Obj 1022 KB
    Tree2 Down Part7.Obj 30 MB
    Tree3 Down Part6.Obj 6 MB
    Tree3 Down Part1.Obj 7 MB
    Tree2 Down Part6.Obj 5 MB
    Tree2 Down Part5.Obj 3 MB
    Tree3 Down Part8.Obj 19 MB
    Tree3 Down Part7.Obj 36 MB
    Tree2 Down Part3.Obj 41 MB
    Tree2 Down Part4.Obj 39 MB
    Tree1 Down Part5.Obj 41 MB
    Tree2 Down Part1.Obj 3 MB
    Tree2 Down Part2.Obj 4 MB
    Tree3 Down Part4.Obj 3 MB
    Tree3 Down Part2.Obj 25 MB
    Tree1 Down Part3.Obj 29 MB
    Tree2 Down Full.obj 1 MB
    Tree1 Down Part4.Obj 29 MB
    Tree1 Down Part1.Obj 2 MB
    Tree1 Down Part6.Obj 12 MB
    Tree3 Down Part3.Obj 24 MB
    Tree1 Up Full.obj 4 MB
    Tree1 Down Part2.Obj 11 KB
    Tree1 Down Full.obj 16 MB
    Tree3 Down Full.obj 13 MB
    Tree1 Up Part1.Obj (Repaired) 10 MB