Click & Print objects on MyMiniFactory

For select 3D printer models, MyMiniFactory offers a Click & Print access to objects. This innovative feature altogether removes the need to slice objects. The owners of these select 3D printer models then do not need to go through the learning curve of slicing. They can simply either download the gcode file (or the proprietary flavour of gcode) or even send this file directly to their machine (Over-The-Air). Click & Print is currently supported for the following selection of machine, as a free feature or one contained in the Premium account subscription.

Machines supported by Click & Print as a free feature:


- Anet A8

- BIQU Thunder

Machines supported by Click & Print under the Premium subscription:

- Monoprice Maker Select V2

- Flashforge Finder

- Monoprice MP Select Mini 3D Printer

- FlashForge Creator Pro

- Snapmaker 3-in-1

- Creality CR-10

- Lulzbot Mini

- Robo 3D R1

- Tevo Tarantula

- Sindoh 3DWOX DP200

- Anycubic i3 Mega

- Dagoma Discoeasy200

- Wanhao i3 V2 Duplicator

- Wanhao i3 V2.1 Duplicator

- Wanhao Duplicator 6

- Wanhao Duplicator 9

- Wanhao Duplicator 9 400

- Wanhao Duplicator 9 500

- Wanhao Duplicator 10

- Wanhao Duplicator i3

- Wanhao Duplicator i3 PLUS

- Wanhao Duplicator i3 Mini

- Prusa i3 MK3

- Dremel 3D45

- Creality Ender 3

- Sindoh 3DWOX1

- Easythreed Nano Mini

- JG Aurora A4

- JG Aurora A7

If you are a 3D printer manufacturer who is interested in offering this feature to your customers (and hence opening up the potential market of users of your machine to people who would never buy your machine if they had to learn how to slice), please get in touch by contacting us at