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Top 10 Best RC Car Designs to 3D Print Now!

On MyMiniFactory we have an expansive range of categories for design, which include many 3D printable projects for designers and makers. One of our particular favorite collections is our range of 3D printable Radio/Remote Controlled (RC) Car designs.

3D printing brings a new wave of creativity to the RC Car Community, with growing potential for customization and invention. The ability to print your own parts, or even whole cars for your RC collection at home also provides greater value and accessibility to the pastime. For example, a replacement bumper for a 1/10 scale RC will set you back between $65-77 USD whereas a 3D printable file of the bumper, which can be used an infinite number of times, will be between $15-17 USD. And as the quality of these 3D printable files has risen to such a high standard, this has become a much more worthwhile investment.

3D printing is also ideal for manufacturing RC car parts as materials like ABS are what RC cars are traditionally made from, meaning they take to the 3D printed parts more cleanly.

You don’t even have to be a RC enthusiast to appreciate the value of 3D printing RC Cars. As a maker, the challenge of a print involving gadgetry and electronics can be a fun endeavour. Having these RC cars as STL files also grants a level of customization, allowing you to remix them to craft a car that means something to you, or to someone you know. It’s a great gift idea.

RC Cars are some of the most charming designs to exhibit in action, meaning we have plenty of videos and posts from our creators to share with you.

Whether you are in the RC fandom, or you’re looking for a fun project as your next print; we have gathered our top 10 best 3D printable RC Car designs currently available on MyMiniFactory.


1. 3D Print an RC Ferrari

Anton Månsson, a fan of Formula 1, has designed this sleek 3D printable Ferrari Enzo.

Named for the company’s founder, Enzo Farrari, the real sports car can reach a top speed of 218mph with a horsepower of 650. That will set you back about $3 million, but you can 3D print this one for free.

Created in Fusion 360, Anton’s design is based on Daniel Norée’s Open RC Formula 1 Car. Anton told us, “He's also a good buddy of mine (we used to work in the same office) and I think he deserves more credit for the F1 design!” This is a perfect example of how open source 3D printable designs are the first step into true co-creation and democratic design, allowing RC designers to easily build upon and create original products. Thereby adding a new level of engagement within the community.

Anton has printed his model in a filament of the traditional Ferrari red, from Filamentive, but why not try printing it in a different color. Or you could have a whole RC Garage of Ferraris in multiple colors. You could even paint in some detailing to create a more realistic model.

Click the link to get your Ferrari bragging rights. And check out the car in action here.

2. A Rooftop Tent for your RC Car

Knight Customs is one of our best selling RC Designers, with a range of highly detailed accessories and add-on parts for RC Cars.

A big deal in the RC community, Knight Customs has many products available commercially, so we love that they also offer designs for 3D printing on our platform. This roof rack is an especially popular design from them.

This is a 1/10 scale version of the real-life Roof Top Tent for the Front runner. For anyone holidaying in the wilderness, having the ability to open out a surprisingly spacious tent on top of their vehicle is a neat idea.

When you 3D print your own top tent you won’t be able to open it up and get inside, but it does successfully add a whole new layer of detail onto your RC Car. Give it a paint in whatever color goes with your car or whatever exotic destination you imagine its driving through. It is designed for use on an RC Front Runner, but why not have a go at remixing it to make it work on other cars; that’s one of the advantages of buying an STL over the single physical product.

Click the link to take your RC camping. And view it in use on some of Knight Customs own cars here.

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3. An RC Tractor to 3D Print

This open source, 3D printable RC Tractor from Makit is a tribute to his father, based on the first tractor he ever owned. First manufactured in Spain in 1967, the Ebro 160D is known as a legendary tractor by farmers the world over.

Makit’s RC tribute to the Ebro 160D has become pretty legendary on MyMiniFactory, having been downloaded over 5,000 times. This STL includes the entire tractor model and is designed to print easily with absolutely no supports.

There’s also some customization available directly from Makit. Included in the download are optional license plates for the tractor based on plates from Spain and Sweden. But if you want your tractor to come from a different country, let Makit know and he may add it to the design, or you can remix the design to make it yourself. There are also plenty of add-ons for the tractor available on Makit’s MyMiniFactory profile, like the trailer or the cabin, so be sure to have a look at those.

Click the link to get RC farming for free. And you can watch it do its thing right here.

4. A Bumper Set of 3D Printed Bumpers

In the words of the brilliant AMPro “3D Printing has changed the hobby for me and allowed me to make whatever I want and need.”

This is the first of what we hope is many designs on MyMiniFactory from AMPro Engineering, these are bumpers designed for the Traxxas TRX4 Ford Bronco.

This line of SUVs was manufactured by Ford between 1965 and 1996, the Bronco grew to legendary status as a world class 4x4 vehicle. So much so that Ford announced its reintroduction with a new model in 2020. Traxxas have faithfully recreated this iconic vehicle, with their RC replica becoming equally as popular. However, this doesn’t mean it can’t be improved with some 3D printing.

These broncos were always popular when I was a kid in the 90's. It seemed as though every single one of them had these tubular style units that seemed to become ingrained in my mind. When I got the Traxxas version instead of a real one, I had to make it the way I remembered them and the tube bumpers were born!

Once printed, these bumpers are very easy to install, by simply slipping them into the space of the original bumpers you removed. You’ll need only a few extra tools to better secure them and get the desired look. There’s also space to mount front auxiliary lights. AMPro has showcased these bumpers in black, but feel free to customize by printing them in a different color. Maybe print them in silver plastic to match the RC’s original bumpers, or even cast them in metal for a stronger effect.

AMPro has plenty of RC car products coming soon to MyMiniFactory including a line of vintage style wheels, another interior set for the Tamiya F150 and a scale Tamiya Lunchbox chassis, so be sure to follow them on MyMiniFactory to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Click the link to take your 3D prints off-road. And have a look at this instructional video from AMPro.

5. Customize Your Chassis with 3D Printing

From Dlb5 comes a 3D print for anyone wishing to add a bit of extra dimension to the way they drive their RC monster truck.

The upgraded MyRCCar OBTS chassis, which uses sourced parts to allow it to be adaptable to different RC projects, better satisfies the needs of Monster Trucks/Crawlers (MTC). Dlb5’s aim was to create a chassis that drove more like a realistic MTC.

The 3D designer behind this brilliant work, Dlb5 shared with us, Crawlers are not for speed so in combination with the reduction gearbox the rigid axles MTC version finally satisfies that.” You can also use the STL in conjunction with the previous version to build a hybrid MTC chassis with one axle of each type.

One of the main benefits of outfitting your RC with Dlb5’s chassis is the quality of driving.

I wanted something with more height from the floor to be able to drive in harder off-road terrains and over some rocks

As you can see in the video below of the previous model, it gives your car the ability to drive on these types of terrain. And as an upgrade, this chassis will mean you can steer even more smoothly across those tricky surfaces.

Dlb5 is working on plenty of new RC projects so be sure to keep an eye out for those on MyMiniFactory by following their page.

Click the link to download this monster 3D print for free.

6. A 3D Printed Bond Bumper

Designed by Clayton Plummer, this 3D printable bumper is designed to be attached to an RC SVO Defender. The bumper gives the car the ability to use a winch, an example of a 3D printed add-on adding an extra dimension of utility as well as creativity to an existing product.

Clayton was inspired to create this design, based on the appearance of the SVO Defender in 2015’s James Bond instalment, Spectre. Those of you that have seen the film may recall it under the employ of the titular organization driving through the snowy Austrian alps, being pursued by 007 in a plane. And if you haven’t seen it, check out a clip of that scene below.

The bumper part is sturdy enough to be printed in the typical plastic filaments that you use at home, so you can 3D print and attach it to your RC car straight away. That being said, It was originally designed by Clayton to be printed with industrial stainless-steel printers. Very few, if any, of you will have access to these, so as an alternative, you can try casting your plastic print in metal for a similar effect. It’s a long process but most definitely a rewarding one, here’s a guide to help you get started. You can also check out Brodie Fairhall's YouTube channel for some great metal casting tutorials.

Click the link to get reeled in by this 3D printable winch design.

7. RC Tractor Racing with Added Robots

One of the benefits of 3D printing is the ability to be creative, and that’s certainly what Jason Suter (Ossum) has shown with this imaginative design.

The Dieselpunk FPV Tractor transports you to a world where robots race each other in RC tractors. Told you it was creative!

This RC car was designed by Jason to be 3D printed in no more than a week and then easily assembled over the course of a weekend. That’s good news, as you can spend more time recreating those robot races with your friends. For an extra bit of enjoyment, try remixing the design by replacing the robot’s head with a camera mount for some good video action of your races. A special mention goes to Fotis Mint, who sculpted the head and torso of that little robot driver for this design.

This design won Jason First Prize in the Instructables’ toys contest. Congratulations on your great work Jason! If you’re looking for something a little different to add to, or start off your 3D printed RC collection, we would definitely recommend downloading this design.

Click the link to do just that. And take a look at this video by Ossum.

8. 3D Print a Robotic Car

SMARS, that’s “Screwless/Screwed Modular Robotic System”, is an educational RC car designed by Kevin Thomas. This particular design is the SMARS version 4, a major upgrade on his previous designs it now features an enclosed battery case, an LED frame and an updated wheel design.

Not your typical RC car, the SMARS is great for both teaching and learning electronics. The robotic vehicle is simple to build and uses sensors to remotely drive itself, sensing objects in its path. The design is also modular, meaning it has the capability for attaching different tools, sensors or your own customized designs.

Kevin has 3D printable add-ons for the SMARS available to download on his profile, with both paid and free files. Equip the drawing tool to let your robotic pal use a marker pen, or the forklift module to let it pick things up.

Click the link to 3D print some fun of your own with SMARS. And if you want a demonstration of its potential, have a look at this.

9. A Buggy Remix with 3D Printing

VECTARY designed this 3D printable buggy model on their own 3D Modeling software, also named VECTARY. This design is remixing at its finest.

VECTARY took a 3D scan of an FS Racing Petrol Radio Controlled Buggy, with its body removed.After importing the scan of the bare chassis onto their program, they began to design around it. They created this Sleek skeleton-like design, which transforms the buggy into a more futuristic, space age vehicle.

The design comes in three parts, the front, the wing and the main skeleton. All these parts easily snap onto the buggy’s chassis. If you don’t own the RC car the design is based on why not try some further remixing of your own. See if you can customize the design to fit one of your own RC cars.

This design highlights how 3D printing allows for total customization of RC cars in an affordable way. Makers can create their own unique designs by simply adding 3D printed parts onto an existing RC vehicle.

Click the link to remix away for free. And check out VECTARY’s design process here.

10. An Eco-friendly RC 3D Print

The T-Rover from laykanics is inspired by the rovers used to explore Mars. With no batteries or electronics of any kind, little 3D printable RC relies solely on the sustainable energy of wind power.

The T-Rover is controlled by a vertical wind turbine that can spin at up to 2,300 RPM. That’s definitely a motive for exploring the use of alternative energies in your RC Cars.

Once printed, the rover is quite a complicated build, so a precise and technical mind is ideal. However, Laykanics does say “We intend for you to gain skills in assembling precise and complex systems as you complete it”. For the best results, they recommend printing in PLA.

Another fun feature of this environmentally conscious RC is that, though it has no electronics, it does have a steering mechanism. “Use it to control its direction and of course to get hours and hours of fun!

While it doesn’t look much like the RC cars you’re used to, it’s certainly an exciting addition to an RC collection, and an interesting project. Have a go at remixing it to transform it from a RC rover into an RC car.

Click the link to get this renewable RC.


Whether you’re an experienced RC enthusiast, you’re looking to get into the fandom, or even if you had no interest in RC cars before you read this list, you can see there’s something for every kind of maker in this eclectic group.

If this list has indeed revved up your desire to 3D print some RC designs we’d love to see what you create from it. And if it’s inspired you to remix or create an RC design of your own we’d love to see that too.

To share your creations with the MyMiniFactory community you can post them in community prints, share them on our reddit discussion page, our Twitter or Facebook.

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