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Intellectual Property Management

MyMiniFactory is building a MetaReverse, one step at a time since 2013, through the power of 3D printing. Read more about MyMiniFactory’s values, features and community on our About Us Page.

Over the years, MyMiniFactory has facilitated the distribution of Intellectual Property (IP) from tens of thousands of indie Creators and large IP owners* to a loving and respectful community of millions of Makers and 3D printer owners.

The MyMiniFactory Ecosystem offers a unique and inclusive set of features to help IP owners monetize their IP in the best possible manner, including:

  • a digital Store
  • a Tribes subscription service
  • a campaign management system
  • a place to share with the community (Stories, Competitions)
  • a collaboration system (Coolabs) COMING SOON

MyMiniFactory values respect for everyone’s creativity. This core value is supported by the Designer Relations Team (DR Team) who are here to help you manage your IP creations in full peace of mind.

The team is also here to help you embrace the power of digital distribution and of collaboration with the world's leading Creators.

Be a part of MyMiniFactory and its millions of 3D printing Makers.

We are always happy to discuss your IP distribution opportunities. Please email us at

*Please note that we facilitate the resale of IP content only if you own or have full permissions to use such content