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Wasteland Crawler

Created by WatcorpDesigns's Avatar WatcorpDesigns

Need to cross the desolate wastes? Need to shift some fuel or cargo and avoid raiders?, Forgotten to get milk from the shop?

Watcorp Designs brings you  - the Wasteland Crawler

A set of 3D printable, modular tucks and trailers designed for 28mm wargames

All pieces are designed and tested for FDM 3D printing and all print without support.
Every piece is thoroughly tested on a range of entry level 3D printers before delivery.

All parts are also be split, hollowed and pre-supported for resin printing!

Packed full of options

Tracked or wheeled haulers and trailers

5 different hauler options

9 Trailer Options

Shipping Containers

Also Featuring the Giga Hauler. Giant multitracked King of the Wastes

Wasteland Crawler

Created by WatcorpDesigns's Avatar WatcorpDesigns


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USD 18.00

Includes 1 product

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USD 24.00

Modufab Kickstarter Late Pledge
Complete set of 3D Printable Terrain from the Modu-Fab kickstarter

Over 590 files (more 1GB of 3d printable goodness!)


8 Themes

All parts are swappable and connectable so the potential combinations are huge. Walls slot into the supporting pillars and all the parts can be assembled and disassembled for storage between games

Theme 1 - Industrial

Huge number of files to build modular Industrial themed terrain, including multilevel buildings, gantries, ramps, cranes, silos and pipe connections

Theme 2 - Guard Towers and Walls

Free standing guard towers and security fencing walls

Theme 3 - Armoured Precinct

Another set of walls, floors and doors to build a fortified enforcer precinct

Theme 4

Corridors - complete set of narrow corridors and connecting pieces to allow tight tunnel fighting or ship boarding scenarios

Theme 5

Meat Processing Plant - whole new tile wall style  wall style, meat processing vats and multilevel conveyor system

Theme 6

Power Generator - Power plant walls and power generators - great for objectives or a board centre piece

Theme 7

Modular Fortress - Huge, Modular fortress with movable cannons and roof mounted AA guns

Theme 8

Modular command bunkers - Modular command bunkers and pillboxes


Damaged wall sections
Movable Lifts
Modular Roads


Please join us at the facebook page to keep up to date, share prints and raise queries.


File License
All files are for home printing for personnal use only.

Not for commercial use or further sharing without prior permission from author



USD 18.00

Complete Modurail
Complete set of files from the Modurail Kickstarter, including all stretch Goals


All files supplied as STLs

No support required for any of the print

All parts pre-orientated for optimal printing


Files include:

Elevated track and supports

Ground level track

2x standard rail engines

1x gothic rail engine

Passenger Rail car with sliding doors

Armoured Rail car with sliding doors

Gothic Rail car with gull wing doors

Firing Platform carriage

Flat bed carriage

Long Flat bed carriage

Guard Van with machine guns and cannons

Prisoner Transport

Crane car


STL files
All files supplied as STLs

No support required for any of the print

All parts pre-orientated for optimal printing
file license
All files are for home printing for personnal use only.

Not for commercial use or further sharing without prior permission from author

MODUTRUCK kickstarter files's Cover

MODUTRUCK kickstarter files

USD 18.00

Complete set of all the Files from the Modutruck Kickstarter,

224 files of near future and post apocalyptic trucks.


No support required

All files pre-orientated for optimal printing


11 cab types

16 rear options:

tankers, haulers, flatbed, solid backs with opening doors, half-track, 6 wheeler, armoured with turrets, anti-air, anti-tank, rocket rear, tow truck, weapon back and more!

track and wheeled options

Articulated Lorry with Mac style cab and Hemtt style cabs

Armoured Articulated lorry - rolling fortress

Small flat trailers and anti-air trailer

Many optional accessories including plows, spikes, spiked wheels and weapons


All files suitable for FDM printing for 28mm Wargames,

Scale to 67% for use with Gaslands, Carwars etc (note at this scale a resin printer may be required for the smaller machine guns etc)

TERRA RANGER Trucks's Cover


USD 10.00

The complete file set for Terra Ranger by Watcorp Designs.


3GB of truck goodness, featuring 20 modular truck designs that can also be mixed and matched to make even more variations


All files come pre-orientated and Pre-supported for resin printing

Included in files

Pickup truck
Close Support truck with 50cal machine gun
Crew cab truck
double axel crew cab
extended crew cab truck
Explorer variant with roof stowage
Hot rod with spoiler and splitters
Army patroller variant
"Peacemaker" riot van
Post apocalyptic truck with armour and harpoon launcher
radio truck
safari truck
covered rear
Mortar "Technical"
Rocket "Technical"
Laser "Technical"
Tow Truck


Also included:


Open window, closed window and crewed cab versions


4 trailer options - Comms array, cargo, water bowser and Anti-aircraft gun

and a variety of crew options.

Assembly and print guides included