Join the team, on a mission to empower a new generation of designers

At MyMiniFactory, the team is on a mission to build the best platform and community for creators to share digital objects with 3D printer owners around the world. Since founding in June 2013, we've been on a journey to disrupt many industries and change the way people consume objects. We're hugely ambitious, and won't stop before everyone has access to a 3D printer and the high quality 3D printable objects to go along with it.

At MyMiniFactory we value Values. Learn more here. We are based in London, near Holborn. We are a diverse team of people, from a wide range of background and culture. And we love that...

What to expect when joining the MyMiniFactory team

A small, but
passionate team

In order to fulfil our mission (it's no small task!), we're looking for people who are passionate about bringing 3D printing to the mass market and who want to join an existing team of like-minded pioneers.

An entrepreunerial

We're certainly very influenced by companies YouTube, but we're also figuring out a lot of things as the industry grows. You'll need to be results driven and love execution to thrive at MyMiniFactory.

A creative 

We're constantly inspired by the talented designers who upload an share to MyMiniFactory. The best part of the job is to be living this revolution from the inside and observe how we are helping creators inspire others.

Technology team - Open positions


Looking for a challenging technical project in a fast growing company, building real products for users? Send your CV and at the following link!


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We are looking for a talented Front end - React developer to work alongside our UX/UI developer and our CTO. We expect you to have 1 to 2 years of experience, an eye for details and a real sense of ownership. You are passionate for 3D printing or other relevant hardware platforms, full of energy to drive product definition and adoption, and wish to take ownership and responsibility for designing a beautiful MyMiniFactory.

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We are looking for a talented Full stack PHP developer to work alongside our strong team of developers and our CTO. We expect you to have a real passion for web development and have graduated from a world class university. We expect you to have a real sense of ownership. You are passionate for 3D printing and hardware innovation. We will also very much value your strong interest for open communities. 

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Operations team - Open positions


MyMiniFactory is looking for a growth focused community manager. We won't expect you to be an expert in 3d printing but to have a real passion for creative comunities, digital marketing, growth hacking and gorrilla marketing. We expect you to be a natural leader with outstanding execution capabiltiy. We are a digital ecosystem with clear values. We expect your to be able to share them with the communities. Either self taught (for example through entreprenurial experience) or with a formal marketing education (for example from a business school or university), your desire to keep learning will be second to none. We expect you to have a strong passion for hardware innovation and decentralized communities. Freedom and ambition will certainly lead your decisions.



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MyMiniFactory is looking for a Sales candidate to join the team. The focus of this position is to sell advertising products. Indeed, MyMiniFactory has built a targeted community of 3D designers and 3D printer owners, and many companies who gravitate around 3D design and 3D printing have an obvious interest in placing their products and services in front of our customers.

You will be developing the business by communicating the value propositions directly to prospects. No past experience of 3D printing is required. You will have some experience in facing customers or sales, which will translate in confidence when approaching, pitching and closing deals. You will need to articulate the propositions effectively and manage the sales process, from cold call through to closing of the deal.

The candidate must be highly ambitious and determined to succeed, eager to join a growing business with global ambitions.

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MyMiniFactory is looking for a Business developer to join the team. The focus of this position is to help us grow our community of talented designers and support them to become successful on the platform.  You will nurture the talents, find opportunities to support their financial success. You will become an ambassador of the most promising MyMiniFactory indie designers.

You will also develop MyMiniFactory partnerships with large IP owners. Here you will need to pitch the platform and find attractive and innovative to close licensing deals.

The candidate must be highly ambitious and determined to succeed, eager to join a growing business with global ambitions.

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MyMiniFactory is looking for a talented growth-focus marketing intern. We won't expect you to be an expert on 3D printing, but instead to have a passion for marketing, very good common sense, wanting to learn new skills, a will to work in a start-up team looking to get things done. You'll work on social media, PR, ad hoc projects, design competitions, and anything else you show talent for. For you, "no" is not an answer and you appreciate challenges. We're a digital platform, so we expect you to be digitally savvy as well. Either self-taught (for example through entrepreneurial projects) or with a formal marketing education (for example from a business school or university), you show the attitude necessary to benefit truly from an experience in a fast moving start-up. You will need to have the right to be in the UK. The duration of the internship is flexible, so is the start date (we're looking for the right candidates). A passion for one of the popular categories of content on MyMiniFactory is a real bonus (Board Games, Vehicles, Home and Decoration, Cultural Heritage (Scan the World)).

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Scan the World is an ambitious initiative whose mission is to archive objects of cultural significance using 3D scanning technologies, producing an extensive platform of content suitable for 3D printing. Scan the World hosts more than 16,000 quality 3D printable scans of institutions like the V&A Museum, private collectors such as Christian Levett, and the works of contemporary artists like Eleanor Cardozo. We are looking for an talented candidate to lead the publication and the community of scanners. You will be responsible for the publication (data management and processing up to publication, liaison with artists) and to market Scan the World: digital marketing, events, community management, growth hacking. You will learn a variety of software to produce 3D mesh from pictures. You will also need to immerse yourself in the world of the Art to write proper description of the the scanned sculptures. This is the ideal role for someone with a passion for art history, cultural heritage and communities. 

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You will be working closely with the marketing team in preparing and delivering assets for campaigns, whilte generating ideas for exciting visual content using the content on MyMiniFactory. This is an opportunity to showcase a consistent visual image on the homepage and social media (homepage banners, promotional banners, sponsored content) and to create videos or gifs to promote content. You know the basics in product photography and can use or are willing to learn the Abobe Suite (Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator).

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We are looking for a talented Mechanical Engineer (Bachelor or Master from a World class university) to run extensive tests on FDM and SLA/DLP 3D Printers. Your tests will follow protocol and be the support for the management to understand better the latest development in desktop 3d printing.  You will also be producing CAD designs and operate a large range of 3D printers. We expect you to be inquisitive, ablt to work wll with machines and have a real interest for 3D printing. The duration is flexible (3 to 4 months). Longer period can be considered.


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Our headquarters are located in Central London near Holborn, in the heart of London's Tech City. We share offices with other 3D printing companies, guaranteeing that the office is always full of 3D printers.


We love our community

(here's just a few out of the more than 12,000 amazing creators...)

A selection of partner brands

Along the years, we've had the chance to connect our community with a number of great brands.


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