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MyMiniFactory FAQ
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Getting Started at MyMiniFactory
▹ What is MyMiniFactory?
MyMiniFactory is a large open ecosystem for 3d designers and makers to share free and paid guaranteed 3d printable files. We are a welcoming place with clear and strong value. By joining MyMiniFactory, you will be able to follow your favorite designers, like and comment on designs, publish your designs, create blog posts, buy files, and get special discounts.

Selling Objects at MyMiniFactory
▹ How do I sell designs?
Do you have lovely designs that you want to sell? We encourage you to open a store to monetize your designs!
▹ Can I sell IP content or fan art?
In respect of brands and copyright/ trademark laws MyMiniFactory does not allow sales of IP protected content, unless you hold a licensing agreement with the brand.
▹ How will I be paid?
Store payouts are made twice per month - on the 14th and 28th of every month.
* Note, the payout will be on the following workday if these dates fall on a holiday or a weekend. For more info, please go to the Store Earnings tab of your store statistics page.
We are dedicated to making transactions on MyMiniFactory as safe as possible so every transaction is checked by MyMiniFactory. Occasionally this may take longer than expected and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.
▹ Do I need photos of my models 3d printed?
Yes. In order to provide customers the best experience and set proper expectations, please include at least 3 photos of the printed models even if you have uploaded renders.
▹ How much should I charge for my models?
You've put thought, time and creativity into each model, we recommend you price your models at a minimum of $2 USD. You can get more tailored information from the business strategy team or the Discord Channel.

Uploading Objects to MyMiniFactory
▹ What file format can I upload?
You can upload Stl. Obj and Chitubox files.
▹ What is the max file size?
If you are a store designer, you can upload 100MB for each file.
If you are a premium user, you can upload 500MB for each file.
If you need more please contact us.
▹ How do I get my object approved?
Before approving objects we want to make sure that your object will be printable. The best way to prove this is by submitting a picture of your object 3D printed. Your pictures will then go through our community to make sure that those are indeed pictures of print rather than 3D renders.
*Note, if the software check (see next question) passes and your submitted pictures are not renders. Your object will automatically be approved.
*Note, if you don't have a picture or the software check doesn't pass. Your object will go through a more manual process. We might approve it if passes our manual checks, again having a nice picture uploaded will help.
▹ What is the software check?
We check the uploaded files from printability. Our software checks a few criteria and it might fail for those reasons:
1. Presence of degenerated faces
2. Presence of duplicated faces
3. Mesh is not manifold
4. The normals are not consistent
5. The volume is less than 0
6. Some faces are intersecting each other
You can check what is wrong with your mesh using this little online tool.

About the Pledge Manager
▹ What is the Pledge Manager?
It is a post Kickstarter offering where you can support designers by backing their projects.
▹ What is a late-pledge?
It is a bundle of STL products that are the same or similar as what is offered by the designer Kickstarter project, which is called a “pledge”.
▹ What is an add-on?
Add-ons are extra files that are released by designers related to the specific campaign. Some are already available for purchase and others are already included in the previous defined pledge levels; meaning if they are part of our current pledge level it will show “You own this”. If you do not own the Add-on it will display “Buy” and will be able to download it by clicking “See items”.
▹ I have supported a designer on Kickstarter, why I didn't get the file?
If you didn’t get the file after a pledge, then the file might be being prepared by the designer; We will have a post on our Community Blog, also send a notification to you when the file is ready.

About the Community Blog
▹ Who is the blog for?
The blog is a great resource for anyone interested in 3D printing, who wants to share their ideas with like-minded people: designers, makers, enthusiasts, the world.
▹ Who will read my article?
You can either publish your article, in which case, it becomes visible to everyone in our community. Alternatively, if you would prefer, you can have the article only available to read on your public profile.
▹ Where will my article be displayed?
Your article will be displayed on your public profile and on our Community Blog, if you so desire.
▹ Why isn’t my article visible on the Community Blog yet?
Articles need to be approved by our admin team. Please be patient. If you feel there’s an unnecessary delay, you can contact us at
▹ Why should I write an article?
This is an ideal platform to reach out to your community. If you are new to the world of 3D printing, you can share your experiences thus far with other like-minded people. You can write about any topics that are relevant to 3D printing and MyMiniFactory. As examples you can share ‘Why I started 3D printing’ or ‘How not to 3D print!’
▹ I am a 3D designer on MyMiniFactory, what do I gain by writing articles?
Articles are a great way to increase your brand awareness and engagement with the community - which can help you get more followers, likes, downloads and sales.
Furthermore, you can outline the inspiration behind your 3D designs and encourage others to follow in your footsteps in leading the industry.
▹ I am a 3D maker on MyMiniFactory, why should I write an article?
Blog posts are the perfect opportunity to show off your amazing prints with our friendly community! You will be able to increase interaction with your fellow 3D printing enthusiasts, sharing your expertise, inspiring others to follow in your footsteps.
▹ What should I write about?
Please keep your content relevant to 3D printing and MyMiniFactory. Some examples of topics that you may wish to write about include ‘My first time using the Elegoo Mars Pro’ and ‘How to print dragons’.
▹ What can I do to make my blog posts appealing?
We recommend the use of clear headings, small paragraphs and imagery to help entice the reader. For more information, please visit our process and guidelines page.

About Account and Notifications
▹ I forget my password, what should I do?
If you forgot your password, you can reset your MyMiniFactory password with either your username or email using this page:
Reset my password
This will send you an email with instructions and a link to reset your password.
▹ How can I stop receiving emails?
Please go to your profile > setting > notifications to select off all options of "Email" and save.

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