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Submissions close July 11th 2018

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Design Brief

Much like our own community, Esso Petroleum Company Limited (“Esso”) and their family of Synergy™ Technology Fuels put innovation and energy at the forefront of everything they do and everyone they serve. MyMiniFactory and Esso™ are proud to bring you another exclusive opportunity.

In this design challenge, participants must find a way to give a unique user experience to Esso’s premium fuel pump. For many of us, our cars are not just a vehicle, they take us to where we need to be, they keep us comfortable and hold our livelihood. The fuel we feed our cars need to reflect the love we have for them.

What we expect from you

In this design contest, you must come up with a new design to differentiate the premium fuel pump handle from the standard design, to give premium fuel users a more premium/exclusive experience when refueling their vehicle. Whilst the design you must come up with is limited to the fuel pump handle, you may be creative in innovating or including other elements of the user experience into your concept. Supporting documents explain your thinking, ergonomics, and renders are all encouraged. Think of this as your product innovation pitch to Esso.

Their Current Designs

As a driver using the premium fuel pump, you know what is best for your car. For those customers using the premium pump, looking the part is key and the whole design must reflect this premium experience. Esso has therefore reached out to the MyMiniFactory community to find a way to innovate their current designs and improve the user experience. They have released short Youtube videos, each in about a minute-long explaining the reasons for their ingredients in their Synergy Fuels and its advantages on your vehicle - you can use these as inspiration for your own design!

The grand prize winner will receive the latest Fusion3 F410 3D printer

Entries for this competition will remain private until the end of the challenge, as Esso will be considering the best design for marketing initiatives related to the new premium nozzle.

Make sure to download the designer resources here, as they will give you an idea of what is essential, also you can download the pump .stl here. As always, if you have multiple entries for ESSO we want to see them all, so you can enter as many times as you wish!

Only Esso officials will view the entries so once approved please do not share your model on any social media as it is an innovation exercise.

Good luck!

18 years and over only.

Open to residents of Europe, North America and Australia only.

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Fuel Pump

Esso Fuel Pump Nozzle

For this design challenge, you must find a way to differentiate the fuel nozzles, so creativity is key. Their current nozzle designs differentiate in colour with Mogas being Synergy Red and Diesel in Titanium Grey, as well as a dotted background. Using the company colors might help!


Main prize

The overall winner will receive a Fusion3 F410 3D printer!

Fusion3’s business & education customers have demanding applications that require an affordable, industrial 3D printer with a combination of precision, speed, and reliability.

The Fusion3 F410 features:

  • Large, fully enclosed 14"x14"x12.4" build area
  • Speeds up to 250mm/sec and layer heights as low as 20 microns
  • Interchangeable print heads for balance of speed & print quality
  • Prints the widest variety of materials of any 3D printer
  • Automatic bed leveling and filament detection
  • Best Warranty (2years) and FREE lifetime phone and email support

Learn more about the F410 3D Printer here.

Top Tips

So you want to win a design competition?
Here are some top tips to help you climb up the leader board:

1. Think about your design(s) in relation to the brief and how best you might best optimise it for 3D printing.

2. Make sure you download all designer resources so as to ensure you design for the right size components if you are not printing your own submission.

3. Try and present and photograph your design as best you can, along with an explanation or renders and any relevant documents.

4. Please, do NOT share your designs on social media as this is for Esso officials' eyes only!

  • Read and understand the design brief.
  • Thinkabout how you can best deliver a solution.
  • Use the tips and resources provided
  • Explain the concept behind your design.
  • Presentprint, and photograph your design with care.

Designer Resources

Make sure to download the template of the gas pump nozzle to ensure your design is compatible.