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Submissions close November 18th 2017

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Design Brief

This time we've teamed up with Flexion and MakeShaper to bring you a competition designed to make the most of the awesome properties of MakeShaper 3D printing filaments.

MakeShaper produces a large variety of high-quality filament, and for this competition, we'll be focusing on their flexible materials and their unique properties.

With the Flexion Extruder kit, those at the desktop level should be able to look forward to an exciting upgrade meant to solve numerous issues that the Diabase team saw plaguing the 3D printing space. In addition to excelling with flexible filament, the Flexion processes more rigid materials than other extruders and employs a low­-friction, low­-clearance barrel to convert stepper motor torque and melt pressure with minimal loss.

The theme for this design challenge is "flexibility", and while quite broad, will encourage you to design with flexible filament in mind and explore the boundaries of your 3D design expertise.

You don't have to only make use of flexibility, but try and incorporate an essence of flexibleness in your design in some way.

We have some awesome prizes to give away, including a Wanhao Duplicator i3, 2x Flexion HT extruders, 1x standard Flexion extruder and filament.

Winning designs will be chosen by a panel of judges from MakeShaper and MyMiniFactory based on creativity, originality, 3D printability and flexibility.

Good luck and have fun!

Once your model has been uploaded to MyMiniFactory, remember to share it to Twitter to the hashtag #Flex3D @MyMiniFactory @MakeShaper.

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    Design creations that make use of flexible fillament.


Main prize

The overall winner will recive this awesome Wanhao Duplicator i3, along with a Flexion HT extruder and filament!

Top Tips

So you want to win a design competition?
Here are some top tips to help you climb up the leader board:

1. Think about your design(s) in relation to the brief and how best you might best optimise it for 3D printing.

2. Make sure you download all of the designer resources so as to ensure you design for the right size components if you are not printing your own submission.

3. Once your design is approved, post it on twitter with #Flex3D @MyMiniFactory @MakeShaper.

  • Read and understand the design brief.
  • Thinkabout how you can best deliver a solution.
  • Use the tips and resources provided
  • Explain the concept behind your design.
  • Presentprint, and photograph your design with care.

Designer Resources

Struggling for inspiration? Checkout out this awesome library off flexible community prints bellow.