Design Competition


Submissions close 21st of June

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Design Brief

If you are into practical, usable and fully printable designs, this contest is just for you. Create your best, share and win!

No worries about tools, we cover that part and provide you with a smart multitasking tool, which ideally fits makers and allows covering the whole design-to-print flow under one software. Your toolset includes:

  • Mesh-based geometry
  • Intuitive UI
  • Modeling tools
  • Sculpting brushes
  • Converting images to 3D
  • Importing, exporting, modifying industry standard formats
  • 3D sketch and FreeHand Drawing
  • Inbuilt slicer
  • MyMiniFactory plugin
  • and more
  • We want you to make maximum use of your toolset to design creative, printable and functional designs, which would be usable in everyday life.

    Tip for the winner: dive into functionality and explore the toolset, learn how to combine tools and use shortcuts, as better and quicker solutions always improve the performance.

    Let your unique functional design win, get a free annual membership in SelfCAD and become our partner!

    Learn more about how to better use SelfCAD in this review

    This competition is open for anyone who submits their designs according to the requirements before 21st of June

    Submit your Design


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    Design anything!

      Create a functional, printable design of your choice using SelfCAD editor. We expect you to let your inner artist out and bring unique visions to life!

      Submissions can now be uploaded onto MyMiniFactory directly from SelfCAD through their MyMiniFactory Plugin tool

      Any participant who submitted a design will receive free 3-month access to SelfCAD

      Sign up here.

      Record a video of making this design (any comments, reviews or tips that you’d share while working on your design are very welcome) or share a written instructable.

      Submit your 3D design to MyMiniFactory, use #selfCADchallenge and add a link to an uploaded video/instructable to the item description.

      In your video/instructable publication (use your YouTube channel or Facebook), briefly (in 1-3 sentences) describe your choice of design, and tag us in your publication.


First prize

Double-color Disco Ultimate 3D printer by Dagoma


Second prize

Free annual membership and a chance to collaborate with SelfCAD


Anyone who submitted a design accordingly to the requirements will receive 3 months of free access to SelfCAD


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    SelfCAD is an international start-up company and our ultimate goal is to make advanced 3D modeling available for anyone. That's why we offer more power with all the necessary tools under one software and easy learning curve.

    To optimize the creation of 3D designs and preparing for printing, we developed a fully-featured, fully integrated and beginner-friendly online modeling software. We vote for innovations and provide a smart solution for professionals and hobbyists, who want to get the CAD job done.

    With SelfCAD, you don’t have to spend months on learning. It’s proven by our users, that it’s possible to learn 3D modeling within a few weeks even for a beginner with the help of our tutorials, tips, and tool showcase series

    SelfCAD is an intuitive user-friendly browser-based CAD/CAM platform which includes:

      • Advanced modeling tools

      • Sculpting brushes

      • 3D Sketching and FreeHand drawing

      • Inbuilt slicer

      ..and many more

Top Tips

  • Use project planning techniques while working on your designs. Ask yourself what results do you want to achieve and how to do it better
  • Learn your tools, get used to a software. It’s always better to know what your software is capable of
  • Explore the functionality, start from the camera and the basics, move on to selection mode and utilities.
  • Learn how to combine tools and use shortcuts. You will find a lot of ways to automate your work and save time!

    • Read and understand the design brief.
    • Thinkabout how you can best deliver a solution.
    • Use the tips and resources provided
    • Explain the concept behind your design.
    • Presentprint, and photograph your design with care.

Designer Resources

Struggling to understand some of the terminology? Fear not, we have provided some basic examples of below.