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Submission closes 22nd February, 2021

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Design Brief

To kick off 2021 and to mark another exciting year of 3D printing, we are launching an enormous 3D design competition with even bigger prizes: The Townbuilder Terrain Design Competition. Enter for a chance to win the towering Phenom, resin 3D printer by Peopoly worth $2,000!

Love 3D printing terrain but don’t know where to start designing them?

Register with Townsmith to acquire Townbuilder for FREE today here and start creating your OWN 3D printable terrain with ease.

Access an exclusive collection of customizable models to build the perfect terrain for your tabletop adventures. Showcase your creativity and share it with the community.

Enter for a chance to win the colossal Phenom by Peopoly (RRP $2,000), a phenomenal 3D printer for terrain and large prints.

We are also giving away 3 MyMiniFactory branded Elegoo Mars Pro, MMF+ Subscriptions & a bonus prize from Townsmith!


3D designing terrain has never been easier…

Dream it. Build it. Print it. WIN it.

How To Enter

  1. Step 1: Register to Townsmith
  2. Step 2: Use Townbuilder to design your 3D terrain (via Builders tab)
  3. Step 3: Download the STL file that you created using Townbuilder
  4. Step 4: Texture / Render / Print / Paint your 3D design or save an image directly from Townbuilder
  5. Step 5: Upload your Townbuilder STL file and imagery (renders / prints / paints) via any “Submit your Entry” button.

Every entry will be in with a chance to win the Phenom by Peopoly, a 1-year MMF+ Subscription and Townbuilder Pro!

But that’s not all, we are also offering 3 bonus prizes for:

  • Best Townbuilder Design
  • Best Digital Render
  • Best Print (and Paint)

Each of these entries will win a MyMiniFactory branded Elegoo Mars Pro & 1-Month MMF+ Subscription

Please note: if you would like to do renders or digital painting with your design, you may want to run them through a repair software as these STL files are intended for 3D printing. Townsmith recommends using netfabb which they are currently working on integrating into the software.

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As with any other 3D design competition on MyMiniFactory, there are rules and guidelines that we kindly ask you to follow.

  1. Terrain must be designed using the Townbuilder software.
  2. Designs submitted must be created by those uploaded.
  3. Multiple entries are allowed, please submit one design only per each entry.
  4. 1st place will be determined by best use of a number of deciding factors i.e. texturing, lighting, print, paint, presentation.
  5. Bonus prizes will be awarded to the best design, best render, and best print & paint.
  6. Each entrant may only win one prize.
  7. Winners will be judged by the talented designers of Townsmith.

Please note: to keep the competition inclusive of everybody, the winning entry can be presented either as a render or as a 3D print. You may submit your entry in the manner in which you would like to present.

Townbuilder Image


Use this innovative software to design unlimited buildings and scatter terrain. 3D print modular, support-free terrain to create networks of caves, entire city districts or individual structures taking inspiration from a number of themes including medieval, steampunk and underground!

Use a variety of stone walls, thatched exterior and tiled roofs to create your structure, then bring your building to life with a huge selection of miscellaneous items.

Townbuilder can be acquired for free here. Alternatively, if you’d like to access more terrain design options, you can acquire Townbuilder Advanced or Townbuilder Pro here.

Design terrain for endless 3D printing possibilities with Townbuilder. You can create anything from a single building to sit nicely on your desk to an entire town for tabletop gaming.

Townbuilder Image


The winner of the Phenom by Peopoly will be determined by the best use of a number of deciding factors i.e. rendering, texturing, lighting, presentation, printing, painting.

Please note: to keep the competition inclusive of everybody, the winning entry can be presented either as a saved image directly from the Townbuilder software, a render or a 3D print. You may submit your entry in the manner in which you would like to present.

As we are hosting a terrain 3D design competition, what better prize could we offer than the leading 3D printer for guaranteed high-quality 3D printed terrain? As promised, here are the huge prizes that could be yours:

1st place:

Phenom 1st Place Prize

Phenom by Peopoly (RRP $2,000)*
1-year MMF+ Subscription (worth $89.99)
Townbuilder Pro (worth €40.00)

Peopoly’s Phenom is leading the industry and is the perfect 3D printer for terrain due to its enormous print bed (build volume 276x155x400mm) and guarantees high-quality, seamless prints. See more.

Townbuilder Pro 1st Place Prize

Bonus Prizes:

We will also be giving three bonus prizes for other beautiful entries.

The best Townbuilder design, the best digital render, and the best print (& paint) will receive:

Elegoo Prize

1 MyMiniFactory branded Elegoo Mars Pro (RRP $250)
1-month MMF+ subscription (worth $9.99)

For those of you who took part in the Townbuilder Terrain Design Competition, here is an update on the announcement of the winners.

Townsmith are currently sorting through the winning entries, creating a shortlist then setting up polls from Friday March 5th that will be shared on Townsmith for you to pick! Because there are so many stunning entries to sort through, we are experiencing some delays in sharing the winners.

The winner and runner-ups of the competition will be announced on March 19th.

*tax and shipping included on all 3D printers

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Take a look at the Townbuilder software yourself to get inspiration! You can also join the Townsmith Discord to immerse yourself in the fast growing Townbuilder community. Share your love for 3D printable terrains with the community!

Check out this tutorial video from Townsmith:

Or visit The Townsmith’s YouTube channel for more tutorials.

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The designers of Townbuilder were one of the first to open a Late Pledge Manager to the MyMiniFactory community.

Townbuilder is the most successful STL file for 3D printing terrain crowdfunding campaign that we have ever seen and continues to lead the world of 3D printing terrain for tabletop gaming. We want to bring this back to the community, and to introduce the fun to those who haven’t had a chance to try it yet.

A brief recap and some highlights of the hugely successful campaign, Townbuilder:

  • Received over 6,000 backers,
  • Unlocked 54 stretch goals,
  • Enables 8 themes to discover and
  • is the leading design software to design terrain for 3D printing

The software was designed to create terrain for immersive tabletop gaming, granting the ability to create multi-level buildings with a playable interior.

The best part of Townbuilder is that there are NO 3D modeling skills required, anyone can take part in this competition!

We want to see your local tavern, medieval castles, dystopian steampunk settlements and all 3D designed terrain that your creative mind has to offer.

Feel like taking your 3D designing terrain to the next level? Townbuilder Advanced can be acquired for just €20.00, or Townbuilder Pro for €40.00. There are also a number of terrain and scatter expansion packs available, starting at just €4.00. Explore the huge selection of sets here.

If you have any questions or need help getting started, feel free to join Townsmith’s friendly Discord Good luck, architects!

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