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For the last four years, 2nd Dynasty has designed original content at 28mm scale for the 3D printed tabletop, inspired by your favourite science fiction. Now, for the first time, we are pleased to announce our official partnership with Far Future Enterprises, custodians of the Traveller roleplaying game, to bring you the first in what is hopefully a long line of official Traveller starship and character miniature designs for your home 3D printer.

The first offering is perhaps the most iconic ship design from the Traveller universe, the Type S Scout/Courier. Although many iterations of the Type S have made their appearance over the last 44 years, our 3D printable offering is based off of the Murphy-class Type S Scout/Courier deck plans featured in the 5th edition of Traveller, T5.


By pledging for any item in this campaign, you are pledging for digital STL files, the blueprints, if you will, to print your own Type S or Travellers. You need access to your own 3D printer or a 3D print service in order to print them out. We do not sell completed ships.

See the section on 3D Printing for more details.

PLEASE NOTE: By pledging, you gain immediate access to the core Type S and/or Crew Miniature STL files! Unlike Kickstarter, you are charged directly, but also equally have access to everything available today (barring certain add-ons and stretch goals). For more details, please read the FAQ before pledging. Happy printing!

We realise that a ship of this size is a big investment. Therefore, we have provided some sample pieces for you to download for free and test print. This includes our cockpit, some chairs and a relaxed pose of our heroic Traveller, Jade.


In addition we have a free miniature from our long time collaborator, Papsikels for all of our backers*:


*Free miniature will be sent via email within 48 hours of pledging

Backers will also receive an exclusive 60% discount code off Papsikel’s whole store!*

*Discount code will be sent via email within 48 hours of pledging

The hero of this crowdfunding campaign is the iconic Type S Scout/Courier, a vessel in the Third Imperium that is as ubiquitous as any other. A tried and true design made for the Scout Service, most Type S models are surplus Scout Service vessels or retired service vessels that are often owned or co-owned by retired scouts, and may be called up in times of war.

Some are more or less the same specs as the military scouting variant. Others are gutted out and retrofitted for mining activities or bounty hunting. Whatever the purpose, the Type S is a fast, Jump-2 capable vessel that is easily able to refuel itself in bodies of water or gas giant clouds.

The Type S comes in two scales: 28mm and 15mm. The 28mm is fully detailed and optimised for printing on FDM printers. All ship stretch goals are compatible with this version.

The 15mm version is a standalone ship designed for easier printing at a smaller scale. It sacrifices some of the detail for ease of printing on both FDM and SLA (resin) printers. This version is almost half the size.

What is a ship without its crew? If you are going to enjoy the Type S at full 28 mm scale, you are going to need some great 3D printable miniatures to go with them. Our last run out, we had great success working with Papsikels creating the crew of the Sleipnir, which featured a number of dynamic poses.

Painted by David Woods of DWartist modelling and painting

This time around, we have some crew members for the Type S, but also some great and iconic Traveller characters to people your universe.

Although we will have some combat-oriented miniatures, our focus will be on providing many non-combat alternatives.


Our Heroic Crew, from Left to Right: Doc, Asha, Jade, Marshal and Nat

Heroic miniatures vary from standard miniatures in that they will feature additional poses that we will unlock as the campaign progresses.


A lineup of Vargr combatants from Flavored Pickle

Creature sculpt artist Flavored Pickle brings us a collection of Vargr pirates and soldiers in a variety of action poses. Although these guys will not have the wide variety of poses to unlock, as the campaign continues, we will add additional miniatures to the line up of Character Stretch Goals.

We had originally planned to present both the Type S and the Type A Free Trader Beowulf in this campaign. Unfortunately, we ran out of time to give the Beowulf a just rendition this time around, and thus it will premiere towards the end of the year in its own campaign, provided all goes well in this one.

The Beta Centauri is a 2nd Dynasty design that has been converted toTraveller specs

However, we struck a compromise by converting one of our existing ships to a special variant designed specifically to fit into the Traveller universe. Presenting the Beta Centauri, a compromise between the speed of the Type S and the utility of the Type A Free Trader. It is an underweight 200 ton ship.

with parts compatible with out Scout Ship Beta 3D Printable Starship, we have both upgrades for those who already own the standard Beta, and standalone ships for those joining us for the first time.

The original Scout Ship Beta was featured way back in Starship III, our third Kickstarter in 2018

The Beta has a new variant of the upper deck which features a raised bridge, crew quarters and a small air raft garage. The fuselage features an extended hull and cargo bay, fuel scoops instead of retro thrusters, and replaces airlocks with the familiar iris doors of the Traveller universe.

The Beta Centauri is not at a printable state at the moment, this is just a 3D rendered concept.

So here we come to the pledges. By pledging in this campaign, you not only get immediate access to the Type S Scout and Character Miniatures, but your funds go towards financing the unlocking Stretch Goals, which increase the value of everyone's pledge by adding additional bonus items.

The various pledge levels are explained here below, along with a handy chart which gives and indication of what is and isn't included with the pledge.

Get the Type S Scout, Traveller I 28mm Miniatures, Ship Miniatures, all stretch goals as well as the campaign-exclusive add-ons. 

Add-Ons are items that can be added to your pledge amount by increasing the pledge amount corresponding to the add-on. Some of them are included with higher pledge levels. Some )

Exclusive Add-Ons = Add-Ons that are exclusive to this campaign, which will be released as the campaign goes on. These items are all designed with Traveller specifically in mind, and include Imperial Marines in Battledress, T5 styled Turrets, some variants of the Air Raft that comes stock with the Scout Ship, and the Beta Centauri, a Traveller conversion of our own classic Scout Ship Beta design, which is featured both as a stand-alone ship and an upgrade for those who already own the Beta. 

All the Exclusive Add-Ons are included with the TAS Membership pledge level and above.

The TAS MemberAll-In Pledge includes all Add-Ons listed under Exclusive Add-Ons.

Non Exclusive Add-Ons are add-ons that have featured in our past Kickstarter Campaigns. They are not specifically Traveller licensed products, but they will comfortably fit onto your Traveller tabletop. 

Commercial License is a digital license that allows small 3D printing businesses to extend the license for any product in this campaign to be allowed to print and sell copies for a period of 1 year.

Exclusive Add-Ons are Add-Ons introduced in this campaign. These are all included in the TAS Member All-In pledge level and above.

 Non Exclusive Add-Ons have featured in our past Kickstarter Campaigns. This is often the cheapest way to pick up our past collections including their related stretch goals which are otherwise presented as products on My Mini Factory.

Following the tradition established in our last Kickstarter, we are offering built-in lighting for the Type S. The light kits are designed by Brian "Zoromer" Heiberger, or resident light guru and 3D printing expert.

Click to order a lighting kit

During Starship V we found our delivery process quite unwieldy and mistake prone. Therefore, this time we have chosen to keep it wholly separate from the crowdfunding campaign.

To order light kits for your Type S, click on the images below, which will take you to 2nd where you can then order your light kits directly through our distributor who handle every part of the transaction.

At the moment, only the standard Type S is supported with light kits, but we may add additional configurations as stretch goals go into production. 

As with all of our past crowdfunding campaigns, we like to set the goal for our project low, and then for each milestone we hit with funding, we release a new, free item or items, known as stretch goals.

In our case, we will be following the progress of our Type S as it makes it's way through the edges of chartered space, making new discoveries (and releasing new stretch goals) along the way.

Stretch goals are included free with any pledge that includes them. Every pledge includes at least one type of stretch goal (character or ship). So the more successful the campaign is, the more goodies you get, and the more the Third Imperium comes to life on your tabletop!

We have a small but growing list of officially licensed printers. Below we list the printer, location they are shipping from, website and contact details (if applicable), and lead time if listed (time from an order to fulfilment, usually in weeks).

Arcane Llama Heavy Industries | Fresno, California USA | Ebay Store | Contact

Artharian Gaming | Ohio, USA | Website | Contact | Twitter | 3 to 4 weeks

Canvas Temple Publishing | La Plata, MD USA | Website | 3 to 4 weeks

Just Print It Online | Brighton, UK | Website (coming soon) | Contact | 3 to 4 weeks

Proteus 3D Modelling | Swansea, UK | Website | 3 to 4 weeks

Felix Platz 3D Print | Germany, EU | Website


In order to print the Type S Scout yourself, you will require access to an FDM printer or a 3D printing service. The designs should be fully printable in PLA, ABS, PETG or PEI, and have been test printed in PLA and are designed for that material. 

We have printed in Prusament PLA (Galaxy Silver) at 150 microns on Prusa mk3 series printers and using 8% infill, 5 bottom layers, 7 top layers, and 2 wall layers. 


The parts are medium sized and might not be suitable for all printers, so before pledging, ensure that your printer can accommodate the largest part of the ship.

The ship has been designed to be modular and clip together using the OpenLOCK clip available free from Printable Scenery (get the clip as part of the package here).

  •  Tested on the Prusa i3 MK3 and MK3S with a 0.4 mm nozzle at 150 microns
  •  Largest Part is 181.9 mm (7.2"), can be rotated to 146.5 mm (5.7").

Large parts can be sliced smaller in your slicer or cut up into parts and glued together. However, you will have to do this on your own.


The following tips are primarily for FDM printers. 

The orientation the STL files come in should be already in the optimal orientation for printing.

We have endeavoured to keep the parts as support free as possible. You should only need to add supports for door frames and overhangs greater than 70 degrees. These should be far and few between, but good examples are the turret ring and doorways.

We recommend you print with a heated bed, PLA, a flat print plate (such as the smooth magnetic springboard for the Prusa mk3 series), and a built-for-purpose adhesive such as 3DLAC. The idea here is to minimise curling, as many of the parts are dense and take quite a while to print.

We have worked with Zoromer's Support Channel to produce several printer presets for Prusaslicer and Cura ideal for printing our ship parts. These profiles are '

For slicers, we always recommend Prusaslicer , even for non-prusa printers (most current third-party printers are supported). The slicer is cutting edge (with new features, such as part ironing support), has excellent options for adding automatic or placeable supports, is under constant improvement, and offers a robust solution for all skill levels. It also can be used for both FDM and SLA printers.


Although it is entirely possible to print out the Type S Scout on an SLA printer with a big enough print bed, skillset and patience, we are unable to provide support for resin printers at this time.

Parts will require hollowing out with drainage holes, and some walls might be so thin as to easily cause warping without proper and knowledgeable curing. This became an issue during the review process where one reviewer scaled the ship down to 15mm, but a dedicated hobbyist will be able to accomplish this and address the issues.

In addition to quality concerns, our primary reason for not recommending SLA printers is the material costs. The Type S weighs ca. 2.5 kg fully assembled. PLA material costs are in the range of $50 for good quality PLA spools. Resin is 3-5 times this cost, and it would almost be more economical to purchase a lower priced FDM printer and print the ship than pay for resin materials.

Of course, the ship can be scaled down to half size (ca. 15 mm for example, is only around 600 grams for the whole ship) to make the costs more reasonable.


The character 28mm miniatures will print very well on SLA/DLP resin printers. They can be printed with fine tuned FDM printers with decent results, but will require rotation and supports.

The 28mm miniatures have been test printed on SLA resin printers such as the Anicubic Photon S.

The Type S is scaled for ca 28mm (~1:59) play, where one 1.5 m tile = 25.4 mm (1 inch). We are aware that classic Traveller scales were 15mm, and it is entirely possible to scale the ship down to this level. You may have some issues with thin walls and doors. We are looking into providing some solutions for printing so small, such as amalgamated parts, and built in doors and walls with no door cavities.

As a guide, you can see the table below to see the expected length and weight of the ship at particular scales, and the percentages are what you need to rescale the parts to to meet that scale. These percentages are also used for miniatures, although please note that built-in supports are designed for 28mm prints, and may fail at scales smaller than 28mm (but should work at higher scales). 

By 28mm, we mean the traditional height of a miniature of 6 foot (182 cm)

Please note, that we will only be supporting 28 mm scale, as this was the scale that was originally intended.

Keep in mind, that the OpenLOCK clips will also need to be scaled up or down, but that there might be some discrepancies of scale between the clips and the clip holes that need to account for the breathing room that is in the clip holes to allow for print errors.

I would recommending scaling an additional 1% more (scaling up) or less (scaling down) and starting from there when it comes to the clips.

We have a small company here in Trollhättan, Sweden here at 2nd Dynasty, but we also have a growing team of international collaborators supporting us from around the world, from the United States of America in the west, to the Philippines in the east.

Ben Mowbray: Lead Designer and Modeller | 2nd Dynasty

Modellers: Ben Mowbray, Albin Larsson, Mikael Blomkvist, Theodore Williams

Sculptors: Papsikels ( Patreon , MMF ), Flavored Pickle ( Patreon ), Andrei Lanes/Kyoushuneko Miniatures ( Patreon , MMF )

Painters: Brian Jenkins, David Moore

Set Design & Production: Mikael Lindbom | Dockhus Animation Studios 

Film, Editing and Photography: Hannes Knutsson | Lefvande Bilder

Lighting Kits: Zoromer - Brian Heiberger

Deck Designer: John Christian

Digital Logistics: Lise-Lott Eriksson | 2nd Dynasty 

Prototyping: 2nd Dynasty AB, Proteus 3D Modelling

Far Future Enterprises/Traveller License: Marc Miller

Please note, that we are only able to offer support and answers during daytime hours here in Northern Europe. We thank you for your patience.

The files provided come with a non-commercial print license, which allows you to print out as many copies of our STL files as you like, but you may not sell them for profit.

In addition to restrictions on selling printed items, the license does not allow you to modify or redistribute the files in any way without the express written permission from 2nd Dynasty.


For our own original content, we are able to offer a commercial print license via our Patreon. We use Patreon as a licensing method, read more here:


We realise that many Traveller fans may not have access to a 3D printer. While anyone who purchases our STLs has the right to get their files printed somewhere, we have worked alongside Far Future Enterprises to provide a commercial printing license as an add-on for small 3D printing companies.

This takes the form of a special add-on which extends your non-commercial license for anything purchased in this crowdfunding campaign (including older 2nd Dynasty models) for a period of 1 year from purchase. During this period, anything you print may be sold, although under no circumstances may you sell or redistribute digital files. You may of course sell items you have printed after the expiry period, so long as they were printed during the licensed period.

This license is for small-scale operations only. You may not produce molds or sublicense production to a third party.


For enquiries about a commercial license that covers more than the restrictions of the Patreon license or Commercial Print License listed above, please contact us via direct message.

Thanks to MMF crowdfunding, for the first time ever, we are able to offer immediate delivery on all of the files that we currently already have prototyped and printable. This includes the base Type S (but not stretch goals), the base character miniatures (but not all stretch goals) and the Deck Designer software.

Although we have visualisations of the stretch goals we have on offer, they are merely digital sketches, and it will take several months to deliver all of the items to a high quality standard and printable state. These stretch goals will released weekly in the order they are unlocked until we have released all stretch goals.



When you pledge, the following items will immediately be available:

  • Type S Scout/Courier base ship
  • Character Miniatures
  • Imperial Star Marines in TL15 Battledress
  • Pre-Existing 2nd Dynasty designs (Non-Exclusive add-ons)


  • Most of the miniature stretch goals will be released during the campaign


We will have a brief hiatus for summer downtime whilst we work on making stretch goals and new items printable.

  • Type S ship stretch goals
  • Beta Centauri
  • Outstanding Items

We love engaging with our fans, and it is fan feedback which lets us know what you guys want to see from us in the future!

At our website you can see our wide range of starships and other STL-objects.

We have an active Facebook community, both on the official 2nd Dynasty Facebook Page, and the 2nd Dynasty 3D Prints Group.

Feel free to follow us on Twitter.

Discord is probably the platform I am most on personally, where you have the best chance to see what I've been up to, ask questions or hang out. You can find 2nd Dynasty here on Discord. We post often also on the MMF Discord.

We have a Twitch channel with our production sessions from our live streams. So follow us there if you want to see more behind the scenes during the campaign.

We have already launched and delivered five successful kickstarters since 2017. All of the initial files offered are already made and printable, so are ready for direct delivery as soon as you hit the pledge-button.

The risks are in the delayed delivery of stretch goals, add-ons and additions created during the course of the campaign. Historically, we have had some delays, but generally not by more than a few weeks. We tend to do staggered releases, making available STLs as they are completed on a weekly basis.

These are uncertain times with COVID-19 still affecting business, this can have unforeseen consequences, but the last year has actually been generous to our business. If I, or my staff get sick, it may lead to delays. Having said that, we live in a small town and are taking every precaution to limit COVID-19-related issues, and should receive our vaccinations in the next three months.

Sustainable materials

The decision to use sustainable, biodegradable plastics is left in the hand of the consumers. Eco-conscious backers will be able to print in a variety of materials that break down quickly in the correct environmental conditions. When not stored in a cool, dry place, the standard materials we ourselves use to print can break down quickly.

Environmentally friendly factories

Since our designs are made to print on your own home 3D printer, the environmental impact is much lower than mass-production on an industrial scale. Only ever what is needed is printed by the consumer themselves.

Sustainable Distribution

Digital distribution eliminates the need for wasteful packaging, shipping and indirect support of unethical regimes.


Where can I find my discount code?

If you are eligible for redeeming a discount code* (early sign-ups, previous backers & patrons), the discount code can be found in:

- Your MyMiniFactory Inbox
- MyMiniFactory Newsletter or email*
- Through 2nd Dynasty’s marketing

*If you believe that you should have received a discount code, please check your junk email/Spam folder.



When you pledge, the following items will immediately be available:

  • Type S Scout/Courier base ship
  • Character Miniatures
  • Imperial Star Marines in TL15 Battledress
  • Pre-Existing 2nd Dynasty designs (Non-Exclusive add-ons)


  • Most of the miniature stretch goals will be released during the campaign


We will have a brief hiatus for summer downtime whilst we work on making stretch goals and new items printable.

  • Type S ship stretch goals
  • Beta Centauri
  • Outstanding Items

When will I be charged?

You will be charged immediately after a pledge has been made or an add-on has been purchased. You can review your order on the Order Details page.

Where can I review the pledge that I purchased?

You can review your pledge under the “Pledge tab” of the campaign. Your files can be found in your “Library” (under 'Campaigns') on MyMiniFactory or Order Details page.

How Can I Upgrade My Pledge?

Your pledge can be upgraded simply by backing any other pledge. You will only pay the difference of the cost of the pledge.

I backed at the wrong pledge level, is there anything I can do?

If you back the wrong pledge level, you can upgrade it (read above). If you wish to cancel your pledge, please contact MyMiniFactory at

What are Stretch Goals? Are these STLs included in the pledges?

Stretch goals will be unlocked when the campaign reaches a certain amount of the total funding. You will receive most of the unlocked miniature stretch goals during the campaign

Where can I change the setting of Notifications?

You can update your notifications settings in Settings > Notifications

By default, you will only receive a notification if you leave a comment and another user replies to your comment.

If you want to edit your notifications settings, please click all the boxes under the “Crowdfunding” section in your Settings > Notifications

How will I know if there’s a new campaign update?

When there’s a new update from the designer, it can be found under the “Updates” section of the campaign. Backers will also receive a notification when an “Update” is published.

You can also comment on Updates by selecting “Read More > View on Community Stories” at the footer of each update.

I have questions about the files, who can I reach out to?

If you have any further questions about the content in a pledge, please reach out to the creator of the campaign, or leave a comment in the comments section.

I need assistance with my payment or other issues, what can I do?

Please Contact Us if you have any issues with payment. Once we receive the ticket we will get back to you in 3-5 business days.

Will you be making other ships from the Traveller universe?

Provided that this campaign goes well, yes. Our plans are to release the Free Trader Beowulf towards the end of the year.

Will you make tactical miniatures for ship to ship combat?

Yes, but we plan to do this in later crowdfunding campaigns.

Will you make this ship and other items in 15 mm or other scales?

The beauty of 3D printing is that you can rescale yourself. We have provided a table of different scales and scale percentages if you would like to print the ship or miniatures at a different scale, ranging from 15mm to 35mm. However, scaling down, you may run into some issues with thin walls. We will consider supporting this in the future, perhaps as a stretch goal, as 15mm is a popular Traveller scale, but no promises.

Will you support resin printers for the ship?

Not directly no, although it is possible to print on resin, our experience is with FDM. It is entirely possible to print the ship in resin if you know what you are doing and don’t mind the extra costs in materials (resin is 3-5 times the cost of PLA in volume). We don’t know enough about resin to support it. We also will not be making parts smaller to fit smaller printing beds, so please check your print bed size against the recommendations in the printing section of the campaign page.

Do you take commissions for ships?

No. We have put over 1000 hours of labour into the Type S design. We also have our studios in Sweden, where living is quite expensive. We don’t want to ask any fans to mortgage their house for our talent, and any ship we make has to make financial sense for us to invest the time. Truthfully though, we are going to be very busy with the Traveller license for the next few years, which makes commissions impossible.

Do you take commissions for miniatures?

We work with a talented team of sculptors that each have their own patreons and may be open to commissions. Although it does not take hundreds or thousands of hours to design a character miniature, it does take several days to sculpt, and you can expect commission prices to respect that. For a commission, we recommend you contact our sculptors directly via their Patreons.
Flavored Pickle
Kyoushuneko Miniatures

Commercial Printing (Merchant) License

By purchasing the Commercial Printing License add-on, or the Traveller Commercial License pledge level, your non-commercial license is extended to allow you to print and sell your prints made during a period of 1 year from the purchase of the add-on/pledge. If you build up a stock during this time, you of course are within your rights to sell those products even after the license period has expired.

This license applies to any STL files included in this campaign that you have purchased, but does not extend to other 2nd Dynasty or Traveller products. Neither does it apply to the free miniature on offer by Papsikels.

You may not under any circumstances sell or redistribute any digital files.

This does not allow you to make molds and mass-produce items purchased as a part of this campaign. Mass production is beyond the scope of 2nd Dynasty AB’s Traveller license agreement and would require additional and direct contracts between 2nd Dynasty and Far Future Enterprises.

Thank you for supporting 2nd Dynasty and the 3D Printing Community!