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Enabling a MetaReverse, one step at a time since 2013

Building a community Ecosystem with extraordinary features for extraordinary talents

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What is MetaReverse?

A MetaReverse is a liberating universe built on actual Re-connections between people in virtual and physical worlds, thanks to the power of 3D printing.

Value driven MetaReverse



Because an Ecosystem where Creators can be financially independent supports a sustainable community. MyMiniFactory receives a small percentage of this revenue to maintain a sustainable platform.



Because originality built with a purpose supports superiority in the quality of content - MyMiniFactory offers guaranteed 3D printable files and more high-quality digital content in line with this value.



Because everyone in the community, from beginners to professionals, is able to find a place to express their own identity on MyMiniFactory’s with a wide array of unique features.



"Man was born free, and he is everywhere in chains. Those who think themselves the masters of others are indeed greater slaves than they."

—Jean-Jacques Rousseau


A team to serve a loving community Ecosystem

The MyMiniFactory Team is dedicated to serving you, the creative community. One step at a time since 2013, we have been committed to offering unique and innovative products to empower digital Creators to share original content.

From the Tech Team and Product Team, to Creator Relations, Marketing, Graphics and Customer Success, we are all here to empower, listen and nurture you and the MetaReverse Ecosystem.

Want to open your own store? Write to Creator Relations at or apply here.

We are here to help creators, designers, 3D scanners, makers, painters, illustrators and storytellers share their extraordinary creative content with like-minded extraordinary people.

Want to be a part of the the journey?

Extraordinary features for extraordinary 3D creators and makers



For Creators to monetize their digital content. 92% of the sales go to the creators (excluding payment processing fees).



For Creators to distribute exclusive content and rewards to Tribers through an innovative subscription system.



For Creators to fund a sustainable business and share innovative projects with the community.

Pledge Manager

Pledge Manager

For creators to continue to earn revenue once a FronTier or crowdfunding campaign has ended and makers to access these projects.

Creator Gathering


For Creators to interact with one another and the MyMiniFactory Team to help grow a sustainable business.



For Creators to host immersive contests from designing to painting and the community to participate in to win exciting prizes.



For the community to share tutorials, ideas and exciting new projects. For storytellers to share extraordinary adventures and lore.


Scan The World

A community-built ecosystem allowing for anyone to freely share digital, 3D scanned cultural artifacts for 3D printing.



A subscription service that grants members exclusive rewards and offers, and to further support the community.

Are you a digital creator?

Open a store to monetize your creations with the Store, Tribes, FronTiers, Pledge Manager and more unique features.

A community ecosystem fostering Collaboration not Competition - Together we stand unified to grow the pie


Be a part of the journey

Whether you are already a creative or just curious, there is space for people from all walks of life. MyMiniFactory is bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds and reconnecting people.

One step at a time since 2013…

Oldest Logo


the journey started in Brick Lane, London. At the time, the MyMiniFactory team was designing, testing prints, 3D printing, publishing and promoting every single STL file on the platform.

Old Logo


the Store launched so that Creators can monetize their digital content and fund a sustainable business. The release of the Store was the catalyst for many more extraordinary tools to follow.

Current Logo


the launch of Tribes has been a pivotal moment for the Community Ecosystem to further enhance sustainability for the Creators and Ecosystem.


We will continue to listen to you, the community, to ensure that we are building the best features to suit your needs. We very much look forward to sharing these features with you in the near future.

To those who have supported us throughout our journey so far, thank you.

To those who are new to MyMiniFactory, welcome to the home of the 3D printing community!

Be a part of the journey…

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

-Lao Tzu