Carpenter Set

Published 2021-05-01T08:50:58+00:00

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    $24.00 Carpenter Set

    Published 2021-05-01T08:50:58+00:00

    STL Miniatures


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    Technical Information
    Date published 01/05/2021
    Price $24.00
    More Information
    Object Parts
    Carpenter Wood Storage 1.Stl 23 MB
    Carpenter Workbench A 1.Stl 24 MB
    Carpenter Workbench B 1.Stl 24 MB
    Carperter Orc 1.Stl 57 MB
    Goblin Carpenter A 1.Stl 41 MB
    Goblin Carpenter B 1.Stl 48 MB
    Goblin Carpenter C 1.Stl 40 MB
    Plank01 1.Stl 7 MB
    Plank02 1.Stl 7 MB
    Plank03 1.Stl 7 MB
    Plank04 1.Stl 1 MB
    Plank05 1.Stl 929 KB
    Plank06 1.Stl 907 KB
    Plank07 1.Stl 1 MB
    Plank08 1.Stl 902 KB
    Saw 1.Stl 7 MB
    Stl Carpenter Wood Storage Supported 1.Stl 30 MB
    Stl Carpenter Workbench A Supported 1.Stl 31 MB
    Stl Carpenter Workbench B Supported 1.Stl 27 MB
    Stl Carperter Orc Supported 1.Stl 59 MB
    Stl Goblin Carpenter A Supported 1.Stl 42 MB
    Stl Goblin Carpenter B Supported 1.Stl 50 MB
    Stl Goblin Carpenter C Supported 1.Stl 41 MB
    Stl Plank01 Supported 1.Stl 7 MB
    Stl Plank02 Supported 1.Stl 7 MB
    Stl Plank03 Supported 1.Stl 7 MB
    Stl Plank04 Supported 1.Stl 1 MB
    Stl Plank05 Supported 1.Stl 1 MB
    Stl Plank06 Supported 1.Stl 1 MB
    Stl Plank07 Supported 1.Stl 1 MB
    Stl Plank08 Supported 1.Stl 1 MB
    Stl Saw Supported 1.Stl 8 MB
    Stl Toolbox Supported 1.Stl 23 MB
    Stl Vice Table Supported 1.Stl 30 MB
    Stl Woodplank Medium Supported 1.Stl 14 MB
    Stl Woodplank Small Supported 3.Stl 8 MB
    Toolbox 1.Stl 21 MB
    Vice Table 1.Stl 24 MB
    Woodplank Medium 1.Stl 14 MB
    Woodplank Small 3.Stl 8 MB