Fractal Forest Collection - plants, props, and artifacts

Published 2020-09-22T15:37:30+00:00

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    $22.00 Fractal Forest Collection - plants, props, and artifacts

    Published 2020-09-22T15:37:30+00:00

    Don Whitaker

    @Don Whitaker

    26 objects

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    Technical Information
    Date published 22/09/2020
    Price $22.00
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    Object Parts
    Angle Rocks Anglerock1.Stl
    Angle Rocks Anglerock2.Stl
    Angle Rocks Anglerock3.Stl
    Angle Rocks Anglerock4.Stl
    Angle Rocks Anglerock5.Stl
    Angle Rocks Anglerock6.Stl
    Bender Bender1 Nobase.stl
    Bender Bender1 Support.stl
    Bender Bender1.Stl
    Bender Bender2 Support.stl
    Bender Bender2.Stl
    Bender Bender3 Support.stl
    Bender Bender3.Stl
    Bender Bender4 Support.stl
    Bender Bender4.Stl
    Brain Coral Braincoral Support.stl (Repaired)
    Brain Coral Braincoral.stl
    Bulby Bulby Support.stl
    Bulby Bulby.stl
    Candle Palm Candlepalm1 Nobase.stl
    Candle Palm Candlepalm1 Support.stl
    Candle Palm Candlepalm1.Stl
    Candle Palm Candlepalm1A Nobase.stl
    Candle Palm Candlepalm2 Nobase.stl
    Candle Palm Candlepalm2.Stl
    Candle Palm Candlepalm3 Support.stl
    Candle Palm Candlepalm3.Stl
    Candle Palm Candlepalm4 Support.stl
    Candle Palm Candlepalm4.Stl
    Candle Palm Candlepalm5 Support.stl
    Candle Palm Candlepalm5.Stl
    Carapace A Carapacea Split Left.stl
    Carapace A Carapacea Split Right.stl
    Carapace A Carapacea Support.stl
    Carapace A Carapacea.stl
    Carapace B Carapaceb Split Left.stl
    Carapace B Carapaceb Split Right.stl
    Carapace B Carapaceb Support.stl
    Carapace B Carapaceb.stl
    Carapace C Carapacec Split Left.stl
    Carapace C Carapacec Split Right.stl (Repaired)
    Carapace C Carapacec Support.stl
    Carapace C Carapacec.stl
    Dreadlock Dreadlock1 Fdm Support.stl
    Dreadlock Dreadlock1 Fdm.stl (Repaired)
    Dreadlock Dreadlock1 Nobase.stl
    Dreadlock Dreadlock1 Split Left.stl
    Dreadlock Dreadlock1 Split Right.stl
    Dreadlock Dreadlock1 Support.stl
    Dreadlock Dreadlock1.Stl
    Dreadlock Dreadlock2 Support.stl
    Dreadlock Dreadlock2.Stl
    Dreadlock Dreadlock3 Support.stl
    Dreadlock Dreadlock3.Stl
    Dreadlock Dreadlock4 Support.stl
    Dreadlock Dreadlock4.Stl
    Drooper Drooper1 Fdm.stl
    Drooper Drooper1 Nobase.stl
    Drooper Drooper1 Split Left.stl
    Drooper Drooper1 Split Right.stl
    Drooper Drooper1 Support.stl
    Drooper Drooper1.Stl
    Drooper Drooper1A Nobase.stl
    Drooper Drooper2 Support.stl
    Drooper Drooper2.Stl
    Drooper Drooper3 Support.stl
    Drooper Drooper3.Stl
    Drooper Drooper4 Support.stl
    Drooper Drooper4.Stl
    Headcrabbush Headcrabbush Fdm.stl
    Headcrabbush Headcrabbush Support.stl
    Headcrabbush Headcrabbush.stl
    Helix Tree Helixtree1 Fdm.stl
    Helix Tree Helixtree1 Support.stl
    Helix Tree Helixtree1.Stl
    Helix Tree Helixtree1A Nobase.stl
    Helix Tree Helixtree1B Nobase.stl
    Helix Tree Helixtree2 Support.stl
    Helix Tree Helixtree2.Stl
    Helix Tree Helixtree3 Support.stl
    Helix Tree Helixtree3.Stl
    Helix Tree Helixtree4 Support.stl
    Helix Tree Helixtree4.Stl
    Jags Jag1 Solid.stl
    Jags Jag1.Stl
    Jags Jag2 Solid.stl
    Jags Jag2.Stl
    Jags Jag3 Solid.stl
    Jags Jag3.Stl
    Jags Jag4 Solid.stl
    Jags Jag4.Stl
    Jags Jag5 Solid.stl
    Jags Jag5.Stl
    Lichen Lichen1 Support.stl
    Lichen Lichen1.Stl
    Lichen Lichen2 Support.stl
    Lichen Lichen2.Stl
    Lichen Lichen3 Support.stl
    Lichen Lichen3.Stl
    Nubbins Nub1 Support.stl
    Nubbins Nub1.Stl
    Nubbins Nub2 Support.stl
    Nubbins Nub2.Stl
    Nubbins Nub3 Support.stl
    Nubbins Nub3.Stl
    Nubbins Nub4 Support.stl
    Nubbins Nub4.Stl
    Redux Redux Split Left.stl
    Redux Redux Split Right.stl
    Redux Redux Support.stl
    Redux Redux.stl
    Rock Yucca Rockyucca Floweronly.stl
    Rock Yucca Rockyucca Noflower Support.stl
    Rock Yucca Rockyucca Noflower.stl
    Rock Yucca Rockyucca Triple Support.stl
    Rock Yucca Rockyucca Triple.stl
    Rock Yucca Rockyucca Tripleflower.stl
    Rock Yucca Rockyucca Trippleflower Support.stl
    Rock Yucca Rockyucca1 Support.stl
    Rock Yucca Rockyucca1.Stl
    Skul Skul Split Left.stl
    Skul Skul Split Right.stl
    Skul Skul Support.stl
    Skul Skul.stl
    Spin Fern Spinfern1 Fdm Support.stl
    Spin Fern Spinfern1 Fdm.stl
    Spin Fern Spinfern1 Nobase.stl
    Spin Fern Spinfern1 Support.stl
    Spin Fern Spinfern1.Stl
    Spin Fern Spinfern2 High.stl
    Spin Fern Spinfern2 Support.stl
    Spin Fern Spinfern2.Stl
    Spin Fern Spinfern3 High.stl
    Spin Fern Spinfern3 Support.stl
    Spin Fern Spinfern3.Stl
    Spin Fern Spinfern4 High.stl
    Spin Fern Spinfern4 Support.stl
    Spin Fern Spinfern4.Stl
    Spin Fern Spinfern5 Support.stl
    Spin Fern Spinfern5.Stl
    Tentacle Shroom Tentacleshroom Support.stl
    Tentacle Shroom Tentacleshroom.stl
    Tentacle Shroom Tentacleshroom2 Support.stl
    Tentacle Shroom Tentacleshroom2.Stl
    Tentacle Shroom Tentacleshroom3 Support.stl
    Tentacle Shroom Tentacleshroom3.Stl
    Tentacle Shroom Tentacleshroom4 Support.stl
    Tentacle Shroom Tentacleshroom4.Stl
    Trigon Cactus Trigon1 Fdm.stl
    Trigon Cactus Trigon1 Support.stl
    Trigon Cactus Trigon1.Stl
    Trigon Cactus Trigoncactus2 Support.stl
    Trigon Cactus Trigoncactus2.Stl
    Trigon Cactus Trigoncactus3 Support.stl
    Trigon Cactus Trigoncactus3.Stl
    Trigon Cactus Trigoncactus4 Support.stl
    Triple Three Tree Triplethreetree1 Fdm.stl
    Triple Three Tree Triplethreetree1.Stl
    Triple Three Tree Triplethreetree2 Support.stl
    Triple Three Tree Triplethreetree2.Stl
    Triple Three Tree Triplethreetree3 Support.stl
    Triple Three Tree Triplethreetree3.Stl
    Triple Three Tree Triplethreetree4 Support.stl
    Triple Three Tree Triplethreetree4.Stl
    Triple Three Tree Triplethreetree5 Support.stl
    Triple Three Tree Triplethreetree5.Stl
    Waffle Pods Wafflepod1 Solid.stl
    Waffle Pods Wafflepod1 Support.stl
    Waffle Pods Wafflepod1.Stl
    Waffle Pods Wafflepod2 Solid.stl
    Waffle Pods Wafflepod2 Support.stl
    Waffle Pods Wafflepod2.Stl
    Waffle Pods Wafflepod3 Solid.stl
    Waffle Pods Wafflepod3 Support.stl
    Waffle Pods Wafflepod3.Stl
    Wyrmhole Wyrmhole Split Left.stl
    Wyrmhole Wyrmhole Split Right.stl
    Wyrmhole Wyrmhole Support.stl
    Wyrmhole Wyrmhole.stl