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La Prudence

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    La Prudence

    Published 2017-01-25T10:01:44+00:00

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    Technical Information
    Date published 25/01/2017
    Time to do 180 - 300 minutes
    Material Quantity 200 grams
    Dimensions 67,04mm x 44,52mm x 127,53mm
    Technology FDM
    Complexity Difficult
    More Information
    Title La Prudence
    Date 1700
    Dimension 94,4 x 50,1 x 33
    Period Neo Classical
    Medium Marble
    Credit Acquired by public auction, Christie's London, 12th June 2003 (source; fine arts museum belgium)
    Artist Ludovicus Willemssens
    Place Royal Museum of Fine Arts
    Object Parts
    170 Brussels De Overvloed De Voorzichtigheid Ludovicus Willemssens Repaired Cut 2.stl
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