Mecha King Kong

Published 2021-04-26T08:14:33+00:00

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    $17.40 Mecha King Kong

    Published 2021-04-26T08:14:33+00:00



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    Technical Information
    Date published 26/04/2021
    Price $17.40
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    Object Parts
    1A King Head1 Grey.stl 17 KB
    1B King Head2 Grey.stl 583 KB
    1C King Head3 Grey.stl 2 MB
    1D King Head3 Black.stl 627 KB
    1E King Head4 Red.stl 6 MB
    1F King Head5 Black.stl 2 MB
    1G King Head6 White.stl 3 MB
    1H King Head7 Black.stl 805 KB
    2A King Chest1 Grey.stl 81 KB
    2B King Chest2 Grey.stl 531 KB
    2C King Chest3 Black.stl 707 KB
    2D King Chest4 Orange 1.Stl 2 MB
    2E King Chest5 Grey.stl 1 MB
    2F King Chest6 Black.stl 1 MB
    2G King Chest7 Grey.stl 578 KB
    2H King Chest8 Grey.stl 150 KB
    2I King Chest9 Orange.stl 4 MB
    2J King Chest10 Orange.stl 841 B
    2K King Chest11 Black.stl 420 KB
    2L King Chest12 Grey.stl 354 KB
    3A King Abdomen1 Black.stl 543 KB
    3B King Abdomen2 Grey.stl 2 MB
    3C King Abdomen3 Orange.stl 2 MB
    3D King Abdomen4 Grey.stl 753 KB
    3E King Abdomen5 Grey.stl 511 KB
    4A King Waist1 Black.stl 903 KB
    4B King Waist2 Black.stl 476 KB
    4C King Waist3 Grey.stl 731 KB
    4D King Waist4 Grey.stl 148 KB
    4E King Waist5 Grey.stl 2 MB
    4F King Waist6 Grey.stl 1 MB
    4G King Waist7 Orange.stl 2 MB
    5A King Hand1 Grey.stl 141 KB
    5B King Hand2 Orange.stl 2 MB
    5C King Hand3 Grey.stl 234 KB
    5D King Hand4 Grey.stl 158 KB
    5E King Hand5 Black.stl 576 KB
    5F King Hand6 Grey.stl 344 KB
    5G King Hand7 Grey.stl 2 MB
    5H King Hand8 Orange.stl 4 MB
    5I King Hand9 Orange.stl 10 MB
    5J King Hand10 Black.stl 329 KB
    5K King Hand11 Grey.stl 36 KB
    5L King Hand12 Black.stl 409 KB
    5M King Hand13 Black.stl 83 KB
    5N King Hand14 Grey.stl 1013 KB
    5O King Hand15 Grey.stl 10 KB
    6A King Leg1 Black.stl 185 KB
    6B King Leg2 Orange.stl 1 MB
    6C King Leg3 Black.stl 110 KB
    6D King Leg4 Black.stl 2 MB
    6E King Leg5 Grey.stl 460 KB
    6F King Leg6 Grey.stl 514 KB
    6G King Leg7 Black.stl 1 MB
    6H King Leg8 Grey.stl 943 KB
    6I King Leg9 Orange.stl 10 MB
    6J King Leg10 Grey.stl 1 MB
    6K King Leg11 Black.stl 3 MB
    6L King Leg12 Black.stl 2 MB
    6M King Leg13 Orange.stl 1 MB
    6N King Leg14 Black.stl 255 KB
    6O King Leg15 Grey.stl 567 KB
    6P King Leg16 Black.stl 37 KB
    6Q King Leg17 Grey.stl 3 MB
    6R King Leg18 Grey.stl 5 KB
    7A King Axe1 Black.stl 2 MB
    7B King Axe2 Grey.stl 2 MB
    8A King Standbase1.Stl 699 KB
    8B King Standbase2.Stl 37 KB
    8C King Standbase3.Stl 160 KB
    8D King Standbase4Main.stl 90 KB
    8E King Standbase5Large.stl 7 MB
    8E King Standbase5Medium.stl 6 MB
    8E King Standbase5Small.stl 6 MB
    King Screw A White.stl 1 MB
    King Screw B White.stl 976 KB
    King Screw C White.stl 930 KB
    King Screw D White.stl 781 KB
    King Screw Driver.stl 7 MB
    Kingkong Ins1.Jpg
    Kingkong Ins2.Jpg
    Kingkong Ins3.Jpg
    Kingkong Ins4.Jpg
    Kingkong Ins5.Jpg