Megabikes - Space Biker Army Set

Published 2020-04-28T09:40:14+00:00

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    $8.99 Megabikes - Space Biker Army Set

    Published 2020-04-28T09:40:14+00:00

    Treadhead Rad

    @Treadhead Rad

    18 objects

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    Printing Details
    Technical Information
    Date published 28/04/2020
    Price $8.99
    Dimensions 10.31mm x 10.31mm x 14.49mm
    Object Parts
    Head Full Helmet 02.Stl
    Head Full Helmet 03.Stl
    Head Full Helmet 04.Stl
    Head Full Helmet 05.Stl
    Head Full Helmet 06.Stl
    Head Full Helmet 07.Stl
    Head Half Helmet 01.Stl
    Head Half Helmet 02.Stl
    Pill Base 70X25Mm.stl
    Right Arm For Sabre Hand.stl
    Right Arm Holding Gun 01.Stl
    Right Arm Holding Gun 02.Stl
    Right Arm Holding Gun 03.Stl
    Right Arm Holding Long Sabre.stl
    Right Arm Holding Short Sabre.stl
    Right Hand With Long Sabre.stl
    Right Hand With Short Sabre.stl
    Sidecar Arms Aim Right.stl
    Sidecar Arms Aim Straight.stl
    Sidecar Body Fdm.stl
    Sidecar Body Sla.stl
    Sidecar Wheel Fdm.stl
    Sidecar Wheel Sla.stl
    Weapon Coilgun Fdm.stl
    Weapon Coilgun Sla.stl
    Weapon Flamethrower Fdm.stl
    Weapon Flamethrower Sla.stl
    Weapon Graviton Disruptor Fdm.stl
    Weapon Graviton Disruptor Sla.stl
    Weapon Holstered.stl
    Weapon Nuclear Scorcher Fdm.stl
    Weapon Nuclear Scorcher Sla.stl
    Weapon Pistol Fdm.stl
    Weapon Pistol Sla.stl
    Weapon Sidecar Hmg Ammo Belt Fdm.stl
    Weapon Sidecar Hmg Ammo Belt Sla.stl
    Weapon Sidecar Hmg Fdm.stl
    Weapon Sidecar Hmg Sla.stl
    Weapon Sidecar Nuclear Blaster Fdm.stl
    Weapon Sidecar Nuclear Blaster Sla.stl
    Body Chainsaw Bike Fdm.stl
    Body Chainsaw Bike Sla.stl
    Body Fdm.stl
    Body For Sidecar Fdm.stl
    Body For Sidecar Sla.stl
    Body For Sidecar Turn Left Fdm.stl
    Body For Sidecar Turn Left Sla.stl
    Body For Sidecar Turn Right Fdm.stl
    Body For Sidecar Turn Right Sla.stl
    Body Sla.stl
    Body Turn Left Fdm.stl
    Body Turn Left Sla.stl
    Body Turn Right Fdm.stl
    Body Turn Right Sla.stl
    Front Wheel 01 Fdm.stl
    Front Wheel 01 Sla.stl
    Front Wheel 02 Fdm.stl
    Front Wheel 02 Sla.stl
    Front Wheel 03 Fdm.stl
    Front Wheel 03 Sla.stl
    Handlebars One Arm Turn Left.stl
    Handlebars One Arm Turn Right.stl
    Handlebars One Arm.stl
    Handlebars Two Arms Turn Left.stl
    Handlebars Two Arms Turn Right.stl
    Handlebars Two Arms.stl
    Head Bare 01.Stl
    Head Bare 02.Stl
    Head Bare 03.Stl
    Head Bare 04.Stl
    Head Full Helmet 01.Stl