MonsTrent pre-supported

Published 2021-04-01T05:19:36+00:00

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    $6.90 MonsTrent pre-supported

    Published 2021-04-01T05:19:36+00:00

    White Werewolf Tavern


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    Technical Information
    Date published 01/04/2021
    Price $6.90
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    Object Parts
    Monstrent Base 100.Stl 2 MB
    Monstrent Body.stl 2 MB
    Monstrent Head.stl 12 MB
    Monstrent Left Hand.stl 14 MB
    Monstrent Leftleg.stl 18 MB
    Monstrent Right Hand.stl 11 MB
    Monstrent Rightleg.stl 19 MB
    Monstrent Skirt.stl 21 MB
    Monstrent Stick1.Stl 46 MB
    Monstrent Stick2.Stl 607 KB
    Sup Monstrent Base 100.Stl 29 MB
    Sup Monstrent Body Hollow.stl 72 MB
    Sup Monstrent Head 1.Stl 25 MB
    Sup Monstrent Left Hand Hollowed 1.Stl 40 MB
    Sup Monstrent Left Hand Hollowed 2.Stl 40 MB
    Sup Monstrent Leftleg Hollow.stl 17 MB
    Sup Monstrent Right Hand Hollowed.stl 33 MB
    Sup Monstrent Rightleg Hollow.stl 25 MB
    Sup Monstrent Skirt.stl 16 MB
    Sup Monstrent Stick1.Stl 3 MB
    Sup Monstrent Stick2.Stl 3 MB