Moth Girl

Published 2020-06-29T09:37:03+00:00

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    $7.99 Moth Girl

    Published 2020-06-29T09:37:03+00:00

    Lee Stansbury

    @Mini Monster Mayhem

    64 objects

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    Technical Information
    Date published 29/06/2020
    Price $7.99
    Dimensions 20.74mm x 20.74mm x 19.18mm
    Object Parts
    Mothgirl Body Pose02 Noweapons.stl (Under review) 5 MB
    Mothgirl Head01 Ant04.Stl 52 MB
    Mothgirl Head02 Ant04.Stl 42 MB
    Mothgirl Head01 Ant02.Stl (Repaired) 35 MB
    Mothgirl Head02 Ant02.Stl 36 MB
    Mothgirl Head01 Ant03.Stl (Repaired) 34 MB
    Mothgirl Head02 Ant03.Stl (Repaired) 35 MB
    Mothgirl Wingleft02 Pose01.Stl 38 MB
    Mothgirl Wingright02 Pose01.Stl 32 MB
    Mothgirl Head02 Ant01.Stl 36 MB
    Mothgirl Head01 Ant01.Stl 27 MB
    Mothgirl Wingleft03 Pose01.Stl 31 MB
    Mothgirl Wingright03 Pose01.Stl 24 MB
    Mothgirl Wingright02 Pose02.Stl (Repaired) 23 MB
    Mothgirl Body Pose01 Noweapon.stl 23 MB
    Mothgirl Wingleft02 Pose02.Stl (Repaired) 16 MB
    Mothgirl Wingright01 Pose02.Stl 16 MB
    Mothgirl Wingright03 Pose02.Stl 16 MB
    Mothgirl Wingleft01 Pose02.Stl 14 MB
    Mothgirl Wingleft03 Pose02.Stl 10 MB
    Mothgirl Wingright01 Pose01.Stl 9 MB
    Mothgirl Wingleft01 Pose01.Stl 6 MB
    Mothgirl Body Pose01 Weapons.stl 5 MB
    Mothgirl Body Pose02 Weapons.stl 5 MB