Ocean Tyrant-Hammerhead

Published 2020-06-02T02:58:02+00:00

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    $6.99 Ocean Tyrant-Hammerhead

    Published 2020-06-02T02:58:02+00:00

    Tri Fin Studio


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    Printing Details
    Technical Information
    Date published 02/06/2020
    Price $6.99
    Dimensions 108.16mm x 77.07mm x 65.65mm
    Support Free YES
    More Information
    Object Parts
    Hammerhead Wholebody.stl 3 MB
    Spprt Filled Hammerhead Fishpot.stl
    Spprt Filled Hammerhead Lhand.stl
    Spprt Filled Hammerhead Lower.stl
    Spprt Filled Hammerhead Rhand.stl
    Spprt Filled Hammerhead Spearbig.stl
    Spprt Filled Hammerhead Upperbody.stl
    Spprt Hammerhead Base.stl 2 MB
    Spprt Hammerhead Fishpot.stl 20 MB
    Spprt Hammerhead Lhand.stl 17 MB
    Spprt Hammerhead Lower.stl 7 MB
    Spprt Hammerhead Rhand.stl 6 MB
    Spprt Hammerhead Spear1.Stl 34 MB
    Spprt Hammerhead Spear2.Stl 35 MB
    Spprt Hammerhead Spear3.Stl 36 MB
    Spprt Hammerhead Spearbig.stl 25 MB
    Spprt Hammerhead Upperbody.stl 2 MB