Pirate Crew Set / Corsair Collection Encounter

Published 2020-10-21T11:28:11+00:00

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    $19.90 Pirate Crew Set / Corsair Collection Encounter

    Published 2020-10-21T11:28:11+00:00



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    Technical Information
    Date published 21/10/2020
    Price $19.90
    Dimensions 17.91mm x 16.66mm x 65.12mm
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    Object Parts
    Pirate Boatswain Climbing Medium.stl 41 MB
    Pirate Boatswain Land Ahoy Medium.stl 64 MB
    Pirate Boatswain Sword Battle Medium.stl 81 MB
    Pirate Captain Battle Medium.stl 71 MB
    Pirate Captain Exploring Medium.stl 66 MB
    Pirate Captain Hook Medium.stl 82 MB
    Pirate Cutthroat Daggers Medium.stl 72 MB
    Pirate Cutthroat Sword Dance Medium.stl 63 MB
    Pirate Cutthroat Torch Medium.stl 79 MB
    Pirate Gunner Gambling Medium.stl 69 MB
    Pirate Gunner Leaning Medium.stl 66 MB
    Pirate Gunner Rifle Medium.stl 67 MB
    Pirate Marauder Drinking Medium.stl 79 MB
    Pirate Marauder Shooting Medium.stl 93 MB
    Pirate Marauder Veteran Medium.stl 71 MB
    Pirate Quartermaster Battle Medium.stl 70 MB
    Pirate Quartermaster Map Medium.stl 66 MB
    Pirate Quartermaster Treasure Medium.stl 65 MB
    Pirate Sailing Master Dueling Medium.stl 75 MB
    Pirate Sailing Master Gambling Medium.stl 55 MB
    Pirate Sailing Master Navigating Medium.stl 72 MB
    Pirate Striker Pistols Medium.stl 67 MB
    Pirate Striker Sitting Medium.stl 68 MB
    Pirate Striker Veteran Medium.stl 74 MB