Sons of Midnight Set / Lovecraft Entities / Cosmic Horror Collection

Published 2021-01-11T11:05:34+00:00

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    $49.90 Sons of Midnight Set / Lovecraft Entities / Cosmic Horror Collection

    Published 2021-01-11T11:05:34+00:00



    1,775 objects

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    Technical Information
    Date published 11/01/2021
    Price $49.90
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    Object Parts
    Dark Dragoon Lady Attacking Medium.stl (Repaired) 73 MB
    Dark Dragoon Lady Defensive Medium.stl (Repaired) 52 MB
    Dark Dragoon Lady Medium.stl (Repaired) 70 MB
    Dungeon Explorer Crossbow Medium.stl 166 MB
    Dungeon Explorer Medium.stl 174 MB
    Dungeon Explorer Whip Medium.stl 171 MB
    Dwarven War Maiden Attacking Medium.stl 29 MB
    Dwarven War Maiden Medium.stl 71 MB
    Dwarven War Maiden Posing V1 Medium.stl 70 MB
    Dwarven War Maiden Posing V2 Medium.stl 29 MB
    Formless Spawn Attacking Large.stl (Repaired) 145 MB
    Formless Spawn Large.stl 147 MB
    Formless Spawn Screaming Large.stl 107 MB
    Hastur Bandaged Medium.stl 175 MB
    Hastur King In Yellow Medium.stl (Repaired) 150 MB
    Hastur Mask Medium.stl (Repaired) 155 MB
    Hound Of Tindalos Attacking Large.stl 80 MB
    Hound Of Tindalos Large.stl 128 MB
    Hound Of Tindalos Sneaking Large.stl 49 MB
    Hound Of Tindalos Standing Large.stl 80 MB
    Masked Murderer Crossbow Medium.stl (Repaired) 197 MB
    Masked Murderer Dagger Medium.stl (Repaired) 172 MB
    Masked Murderer Sword Medium.stl (Repaired) 179 MB
    Mimic Barrel Medium.stl 158 MB
    Mimic Book Small.stl 9 MB
    Mimic Chest Medium.stl 74 MB
    Mimic Coffin V1 Large.stl 154 MB
    Mimic Coffin V2 Large.stl 149 MB
    Mimic Door Large.stl 154 MB
    Night Gaunt Attacking Large.stl 26 MB
    Night Gaunt Flying Large.stl 14 MB
    Night Gaunt Large.stl 98 MB
    Night Gaunt Sunken Tower Top.stl 82 MB
    Night Gaunt Walking Large.stl 68 MB
    Nodens Hovering Medium.stl 118 MB
    Nodens Medium.stl 128 MB
    Nodens Watching Medium.stl 133 MB
    Outdated_Dungeon Explorer Crossbow Medium.stl 71 MB
    Outdated_Dungeon Explorer Medium.stl 81 MB
    Outdated_Dungeon Explorer Whip Medium.stl 74 MB
    Outdated_Masked Murderer Crossbow Medium.stl (Repaired) 110 MB
    Outdated_Masked Murderer Dagger Medium.stl 107 MB
    Outdated_Masked Murderer Sword Medium.stl (Repaired) 32 MB
    Outdated_Yellow Bishop Invoking Medium.stl (Repaired) 44 MB
    Outdated_Yellow Bishop Medium.stl 62 MB
    Prop Barrel.stl 146 MB
    Prop Book.stl 79 MB
    Prop Chest.stl 81 MB
    Prop Coffin V1.Stl 169 MB
    Prop Coffin V2.Stl 166 MB
    Prop Door.stl 154 MB
    Prop Huge Bone Pile.stl 71 MB
    Prop Sunken Tower Bottom.stl 117 MB
    Prop Sunken Tower Middle.stl 119 MB
    Prop Sunken Tower Top.stl 69 MB
    Tsathoggua Huge.stl 78 MB
    Yellow Bishop Invoking Medium.stl (Repaired) 149 MB
    Yellow Bishop Magic Medium.stl 79 MB
    Yellow Bishop Medium.stl 146 MB
    Yellow Cultist Dagger Medium.stl (Repaired) 161 MB
    Yellow Cultist Praying Medium.stl (Repaired) 154 MB
    Yellow Cultist Preaching Medium.stl 79 MB