The Tech - Army Bundle

Published 2021-04-21T20:24:12+00:00

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    $39.99 The Tech - Army Bundle

    Published 2021-04-21T20:24:12+00:00

    The Lazy Forger


    42 objects

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    Technical Information
    Date published 21/04/2021
    Price $39.99
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    Object Parts
    Heavy Infantry 1.Stl
    Heavy Infantry 2.Stl
    Heavy Infantry 3.Stl
    Heavy Infantry 4.Stl
    Heavy Infantry 5.Stl
    Heavy Infantry 6.Stl
    Heavy Support 1.Stl
    Heavy Support 2.Stl
    Heavy Support 3.Stl
    Heavy Support 4.Stl
    Infantry 1.Stl
    Infantry 2.Stl
    Infantry 3.Stl
    Infantry 4.Stl
    Infantry 5.Stl
    Infantry 6.Stl
    Infantry Plasma 1.Stl
    Infantry Plasma 2.Stl
    Infantry Plasma 3.Stl
    Infantry Rifle 1.Stl
    Infantry Rifle 2.Stl
    Infantry Rifle 3.Stl
    Light Support 1.Stl
    Light Support 2.Stl
    Light Support 3.Stl
    Light Support 4.Stl
    Plato Arm A.stl
    Plato Arm B.stl
    Plato Autocannon A.stl
    Plato Autocannon B.stl
    Plato Battlecannon A.stl
    Plato Battlecannon B.stl
    Plato Body.stl
    Plato Disruptor.stl
    Plato Lascannon A.stl
    Plato Lascannon B.stl
    Plato Lascannon C.stl
    Plato Leg A.stl
    Plato Leg B.stl
    Plato Leg C.stl
    Plato Leg D.stl
    Plato Leg E.stl
    Plato Leg F.stl
    Plato Minirockets A.stl
    Plato Minirockets B.stl
    Plato Railgun.stl
    Plato Rocketlauncher.stl
    Plato Support Body.stl
    Powerlance 1.Stl
    Powerlance 2.Stl
    Powerlance 3.Stl
    Runner Support Body.stl
    Runner Support Legs V1 1.Stl 2 MB
    Runner Support Melta.stl
    Socrates Body Aa.stl
    Socrates Body Boss.stl
    Socrates Body Troop1.Stl
    Socrates Body Troop2.Stl (Repaired)
    Socrates Body Troop3.Stl
    Socrates Body Troop4.Stl
    Socrates Body Troop5.Stl (Repaired)
    Socrates Cannon 1.Stl
    Socrates Cannon 2.Stl
    Socrates Cannon 3.Stl
    Socrates Cannon Lance 1.Stl
    Socrates Cannon Lance 2.Stl
    Socrates Cannon Lance 3.Stl
    Socrates Cannon Quick 1.Stl
    Socrates Cannon Quick 2.Stl
    Socrates Cannon Quick 3.Stl
    Socrates Chainsaw 1.Stl (Repaired)
    Socrates Chainsaw 2.Stl (Repaired)
    Socrates Chainsaw 3.Stl (Repaired)
    Socrates Hand 1.Stl (Repaired)
    Socrates Hand 2.Stl (Repaired)
    Socrates Hand 3.Stl (Repaired)
    Socrates Lance 1.Stl (Repaired)
    Socrates Lance 2.Stl (Repaired)
    Socrates Lance 3.Stl (Repaired)
    Socrates Laser 1.Stl (Repaired)
    Socrates Laser 2.Stl (Repaired)
    Socrates Laser 3.Stl (Repaired)
    Socrates Leg L 1.Stl
    Socrates Leg L 2.Stl
    Socrates Leg L 3.Stl
    Socrates Leg L 4.Stl
    Socrates Leg L 5.Stl
    Socrates Leg L 6.Stl
    Socrates Leg R 1.Stl
    Socrates Leg R 2.Stl
    Socrates Leg R 3.Stl
    Socrates Leg R 4.Stl
    Socrates Leg R 5.Stl
    Socrates Leg R 6.Stl
    Socrates Missilepods.stl
    Socrates Thermal 1.Stl
    Socrates Thermal 2.Stl
    Socrates Thermal 3.Stl
    Socrates Triplecannon.stl
    Supported Artillery.stl
    Supported Heavy Infantry.stl
    Supported Heavy Support.stl
    Supported Heavy Weapons.stl
    Supported Infantry.stl
    Supported Light Support.stl
    Supported Plato Arms.stl
    Supported Plato Autocannon.stl
    Supported Plato Battlecannons.stl
    Supported Plato Body.stl
    Supported Plato Disruptor.stl
    Supported Plato Lascannon.stl
    Supported Plato Legs Set A.stl
    Supported Plato Legs Set B.stl
    Supported Plato Minirockets.stl
    Supported Plato Railgun.stl
    Supported Plato Rocketlauncher.stl
    Supported Plato Small Body.stl
    Supported Runner Support Body.stl
    Supported Runner Support Legs.stl
    Supported Runner Support Melta.stl
    Supported Socrates Body Aa.stl
    Supported Socrates Body Boss.stl
    Supported Socrates Body Troop1.Stl
    Supported Socrates Body Troop2.Stl
    Supported Socrates Body Troop3.Stl
    Supported Socrates Body Troop4.Stl
    Supported Socrates Body Troop5.Stl
    Supported Socrates Cannon Lance Left.stl
    Supported Socrates Cannon Lance Right.stl
    Supported Socrates Cannon Left.stl
    Supported Socrates Cannon Quick Left.stl
    Supported Socrates Cannon Quick Right.stl
    Supported Socrates Cannon Right.stl
    Supported Socrates Chainsaw Left.stl
    Supported Socrates Chainsaw Right.stl
    Supported Socrates Hand Left.stl
    Supported Socrates Hand Right.stl
    Supported Socrates Lance Left.stl
    Supported Socrates Lance Right.stl
    Supported Socrates Laser Left.stl
    Supported Socrates Laser Right.stl
    Supported Socrates Legsa.stl
    Supported Socrates Legsb.stl
    Supported Socrates Missilepods Left.stl
    Supported Socrates Missilepods Right.stl
    Supported Socrates Powerlance Left.stl
    Supported Socrates Powerlance Right.stl
    Supported Socrates Thermal Left.stl
    Supported Socrates Thermal Right.stl
    Supported Socrates Triplecannon Left.stl
    Supported Socrates Triplecannon Right.stl
    Supported Thales.stl
    Supported Zeno A.stl
    Supported Zeno B.stl
    Supported Zeno C.stl
    Supported Zeno D.stl
    Supported Zeno E.stl
    Supported Zeno F.stl
    Zeno A.stl
    Zeno B.stl
    Zeno C.stl
    Zeno D.stl
    Zeno E.stl
    Zeno F.stl