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Destiny: Conduit F3 Fusion Rifle

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  • Conduit F3 is a burst-fire legendary fusion rifle manufactured by the FWC.Like other fusion rifles, this weapon was created by reverse-engineering technology captured from enemy species.It can be obtained from Lakshmi-2 for 150 Crucible Marks after reaching rank 3 in Future War Cult reputation and from decoding rare and legendary Special weapon engrams.

    If you guy's have any suggestions for what you would like to see next please let me know! I am going to release sights and optics for the conduit asap so you can customize the base gun.
    For everyone with a replicator 2 type build volume rest assure this model can be printed on your machine. 

    Painting and Finishing by Imapact props ! 

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  • Print each part in the optimum orientation, most parts have at least one flat surface which will ensure a good placement on the build platform.Parts fits neatly into each other with the aid of slots and holes. I used a epoxy resin to join the parts together for added durability. If you have a Makerbot or Ultimakr you will find that each part fits easily on your platforms. I hope you enjoy this model its free! Please leave you feed back Its always welcome.

Destiny: Conduit F3 Fusion Rifle

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