API guidelines

API Guidelines

- Users will need to be logged in to their MyMiniFactory account if they are going to download the object inside your app. Browsing and exploring content can be done without the user logging in.

- Please reference the source of the content pulled through your app (e.g. by linking to the object page on MyMiniFactory). Also, please take into account the creators of the content by refering to their profile inside your app.

- In general, what is not allowed with the MyMiniFactory API is to scrape or pull the data to recreate MyMiniFactory, change the logo and directly compete with our existing platform and community. We provide the MyMiniFactory API in order for third-party developers to build trusted apps.

- If you are going to scrape the website (e.g. for creating a search engine for 3D printable objects), please get in touch as we'll be able to help you get up and running faster.

- Please respect the object licensing in the context of your app. For example, if you are pulling objects from MyMiniFactory to remix them inside your 3D design app, please exclude objects that have a "non-remixable" licenses defined by the designer (so as to not encourage people to remix objects that the original designer didn't want to have remixed).

- Object licenses remain the same, even if the object is pulled inside your application.


We'll update these guidelines as we learn more about how third-party developers wish to use the MyMiniFactory API and with the objective of clarifying what is allowed/not allowed. In the meantime, please get in touch if you have any specific questions about using the MyMiniFactory API.