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Object licensing

Object Licenses

Following feedback from our community of designers and 3D printer owners, MyMiniFactory has introduced a new licensing system. In every instance, ownership of the models remains with the uploader. The objectives are the following:

Download, 3D Print and Share

Designers share their designs on MyMiniFactory so that you can 3D print them at home. You are encouraged to download these designs and share your creations.

Please credit the designer when sharing photos and videos of this object

Designers spend dozens or sometimes even hundreds of hours creating amazing objects for 3D printing. Please take the time to credit the designer when sharing their work. You can usually find their social media handles on their MyMiniFactory profile if you want to credit them that way, otherwise just drop them a message via their profile and let them know how you’ve been using their designs!


Some designers are happy for you to remix and share their work, some are not. Please check the license the designer has selected for their design on the object page. If you do remix their design and choose to share it, please make sure to share it back on MyMiniFactory and to credit the original designer.

Commercial use

Occasionally you will be able to use other people’s designs for your own commercial purposes - other designers strictly forbid this. The intentions of the designer will vary and can be seen on the individual object pages. Please respect the designer’s wishes when consuming their content. Were using commercially, please make sure to continue to mention the designer, including linking linking back to the object page on MyMiniFactory.


Some designs on the website are exclusive to MyMiniFactory and cannot be found anywhere else online. Please do not upload these objects anywhere else without express permission from the designer. Designers who upload exclusively to MyMiniFactory make money by doing so through being part of The Studios program. You can find out more about the MyMiniFactory Studios here.

If you have any more questions about our licenses, please contact us.