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a month ago

Dear MyMiniFactory Community,

We can't tell you how much we appreciate your support as both customers and talented designers. You have helped many 3D designers turn their dreams into reality. You've been supporters of a community that shares so much creativity, freedom and so much of themselves. Building a business can be challenging. It takes time, patience and commitment. We believe this process should be made as easy as possible.

Many 3D designers who upload their content on MyMiniFactory are doing so to build a sustainable business, one in which they continue to dedicate themselves to delivering the absolute best 3D printable content directly to you.

As we grow as a company, we've also been figuring out the best ways to help designers become sustainable business owners, while giving them as much freedom and flexibility as possible. Helping them feel empowered to make decisions about their brands, release dates and pricing is essential for purposefulness for their 3D printing business.

3D designers currently earn and will continue to earn 90% of the listed price of each model they sell on MyMiniFactory. This is because we believe in providing the most benefits possible to the creative minds who have worked so hard to design and publish their content.


After months of research, internal discussions and negotiations, we are making some minor changes to our payment structure in the hopes of continuing to support 3D designers, makers and you as a community. We are making these changes in a way that will have ZERO effect on designers and the revenue they earn whilst running their store with us.

We'd like to continue our ethos of inclusiveness and accessibility for everybody in our community, from novices and hobbyists to professionals and popular brands. By being completely transparent with these changes prior to their live date in the coming weeks, we encourage the freedom to share your 3D prints how you had envisioned and empower you, as 3D designers, to continue your creative content.


Below, we'll share exactly what is changing, and how it will appear on our platform and in your checkout cart.


What Changes Are We Making?

Over the last 18 months, we have been in negotiations with PayPal and other payment transaction companies with regards to the fees that are charged each time a purchase is made on our store. In this time, we have mediated a fee of 1-2% to use their services, along with an additional $0.20 to $0.30 per transaction.

In the coming weeks, these fees will become additional to the cost of the STL file download for each customer. Including the option to choose which payment service you, as a customer, use.

First and foremost, if you are a designer, there will be NO CHANGE to the way your store works or the amount of revenue you receive from each purchase. You will continue to receive the full 90% of the profit from your store sales.

We are continually committed to providing a platform where designers can remain independent and sustainable while using our services.

Since the store's inception, this fee has been paid for by us, from the 10% that we receive from each purchase. In our early days, this wasn't a hindrance to our growth and was a step we were willing to take to ensure the support of designers who have a store with us.

However, as the store, the number of customers and the number of designers have grown, we now need many more resources to continue to provide these services to you and to remain sustainable for the future.


The Charges

Here is a breakdown of what PayPal and Stripe charge as fees based on a transaction of $10 in the United States:



Why The Change?

We have made this adjustment for the sustainability of MyMiniFactory, and for the ability to continue offering you new and exciting services.

We want to ensure the continued support of the 3D designers of our community. By maximizing their benefits from your downloads, this enables freedom for designers to remain sustainable, expand their profiles and provide you access to a wider range of designs.

As a MyMiniFactory customer, you have enabled many designers to become independent and sustainable creators. Whilst also allowing us to provide designers with the most affordable way for them to benefit from their content.

Making this change will ensure that we are able to continue to make this progress and guarantee that our designers can keep creating the things that they love and that you love!


How the New Payment System Will Work


The New Checkout

When you add an item to your basket, you will now be shown this new checkout screen:




Payment Method Selection

This New Checkout Screen gives you the option to choose between PayPal and Credit Card as payment options:



Simply click on the payment method you wish to use and it will become outlined in green.


Subtotals, Fees and Totals

Once you have chosen your preferred payment method, the 'Fee' and 'Total' amounts displayed will automatically update to reflect your chosen payment method. The subtotal, payment fee and final total will be displayed as below:



Pay Button

The 'Pay' button also automatically updates to display your chosen payment method:



Once you are happy with your selected payment method, check the box to agree to our terms and conditions and then click 'Pay'.


Payment Process

Whether paying with Paypal or credit card, follow the instructions provided as usual.


Completing your Purchase

Once you have clicked 'Pay', you will then be shown this window confirming the completion of your payment.




From here, your file will be accessible for download in your User Profile Library as usual.


Thank You For Being You!

We are hugely grateful for your continued support! It enables us to maintain our independence and ensures that we can persevere in building a strong and inclusive community together.

Please leave any feedback or submit any questions you may have, we are happy to help!

We hope that we can continue to provide you with a platform that inspires users and creators alike. Once again, there will be no alterations to the designers' revenue or profile and the full 90% profit will still be received from each file download.

We would also like the take this opportunity to thank you greatly for using us and being part of the best 3D printing community out there!


Yours Sincerely,

The MyMiniFactory Team

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