Monetise your talent and content

Here at MyMiniFactory, our mission is to empower creators to share 3D printable objects around the world. Each year, desktop 3D printers are making their way to fablabs, makerspaces, offices, schools, universities and homes, changing the way people consume design. With this consumption comes new opportunities to earn a real income when distributing these designs.

We have just launched a store, allowing designers to sell their STL files, and giving you another way to monetise your designs. While free content will always be available, we want to help designers monetise their designs and get the growing community involved in supporting them.
Having said this, you don't have to sell STL files to monetise your designs, and there are innovative ways for designers to monetise their work, while still remaining open for everyone to download.

Below is a list of ways designers are earning income from their work today on MyMiniFactory:


The Store

We now have an STL file store on MyMiniFactory where you can sell your .STL files against a monthly subscription fee. Sign up is easy and you can start selling in minutes.


By simply pairing your Paypal account to your MyMiniFactory profile, you are set up to receive tips from people around the world who love your design work. We also provide support for tipping to your Bitcoin or Ether Wallet too.

  • Add PayPal by typing in your ID on the 'Edit Profile' page
  • Add Bitcoin/Ether by entering your 'Bitcoin/Ether public address for tipping' on your 'Profile'




Design Challenges

By teaming up with companies and brands, we offer exclusive opportunities to win high-value prizes that reduce your costs and improve the quality of your work.

Winners have received prizes worth tens of thousands, providing a real incentive to create innovative and exciting work for the MyMiniFactory community.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate Links

By using a filament, electronics or equipment in your designs, you are advertising products!

Get in touch with brands, distributors, and manufacturers to show them your design work and its audience. Companies like Bang Good, Proto-Pasta and Amazon can give you affiliate links for the products you're showing that will earn you income on your object pages, youtube videos and social media posts.

Hire Me

People who are looking for specific design work, such as fixing an item in their home or creating a bespoke design can come to designers like you! Make sure that you advertise in your bio or object descriptions that show you are open to working on commissions or projects.

Charging a fee that represents value for both yourself and clients will earn you income and enhance your reputation within the community...creating more work!

Edit profile

Hire Me


Looking to the community to directly support your specific design ideas is something we're expanding into MyMiniFactory. We want to help designers earn money for their work on large projects by hosting campaigns for designs that will flourish in our community.

We’re proud to have paired top designers with major brands like Capcom, Activision, Bethesda and more, to earn substantial commissions on projects that reach thousands of people.

Get in touch with us to launch a campaign today.


Our studio program enables talented designers to monetise their MyMiniFactory exclusive objects. Designers are paid a share of our earnings based on an object's downloads & interactions. Speaking with designers, we know that this system is a viable alternative to selling .stl files and we're proud to see this program grow and grow!

Revenue Share

Premium Site Features

Marketing and Exposure

Designers are selected based on a number of criteria:

  • Regularity of uploads
  • Originality of designs
  • Function and popularity

If you'd like to be considered for the studio program get in touch 

Work With Brands


By pairing up with innovative and exciting companies and brands we help our talented designers get paid for design commissions or licensing of their designs.