How To Get Involved


The first step to making your own 3D Printed Jewellery is to create a PROFILE on the website. Tell us whether you are a Designer Or Maker or Both

Then if you are still learing to design, you can collaborate with one of our designers by uploading your ideas/drawings/design to our IDEAS area.

Wait for someone to take up your idea and start to COLLABORATE with you

Otherwise if you already know what your doing design-wise, you can upload an STL File to the site by clicking SHARE

The File is then reviewed and checked over by our enginers and you will be notified whether your design can be 3D printed or whether it needs more work to make it 3D printable. 

Once the file has been approved, we will 3D print it or it will be picked up by one of our external makers in the WONDERLAND


If you want your design CAST in metal it is important to let us know at this stage, so that we can print in PHOTOSENSITIVE RESIN.

There are TWO ways to proceed from here, and we leave this decision up to you:

1) If the design is not too complicated (with too many internal spaces, and overhangs) we can get a MOULD (Silicone Or Rubber) made. This is an excellent idea if you want to start your own shop or to sell through our SHOP. This will allow us to produce a WAX PATTERN and in turn a Polished Silver Casting on demand as it is ordered from the shop. You

2) The other option involves us CLEANING and CURING your 3D Print and sending it off for LOST-WAX CASTING. (We ask the neccesary fee to cover the costs for this and we will send you the finished casting in the post.) This is ideal for one-off castings and complex shapes that cannot be moulded. In this process your resin 3D Print will be destroyed and the quality of your silver casting cannot be entirely guaranteed.

Option 1) is the only option available if you want to start SELLING your designs in our SHOP. Click SHOP to find out more about how it works.