Contemporary Artists




With the development of 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies it is becoming more important to consider what it means in the world of contemporary art.  We have decided to set up a new section of Scan the World focusing on the digitization of contemporary artworks.
As this concept is in its early stage we would like to encourage contemporary artists and theorists to get involved with the discussion of what this means to the industry as well as to the artists themselves. Much like how musicians progressively moved from busking on the street to recording themselves and uploading them onto Youtube, contemporary artists can find their place in MyMiniFactory.
What does it mean to have art free to download? Much like the older pieces on Scan the World, it allows anyone to submit their own and engage with culture from anywhere across the globe. With contemporary artists, the sculptures on the archive become an interactive ‘postcard’ of their work which can be shared with anyone.

For more information about getting your work scanned or want to get in touch regarding the project, email us at


Featured artists:

Two Cows, Stephanie Quayle (2013)

Lion Man, Stephanie Quayle (2013)

A Subtlety, Kara Walker (2014)

Homo Bulla (I), Maria Kulikovska (2012)

Homo Bulla (II), Maria Kulikovska (2012)

Homo Bulla (III), Maria Kulikovska (2012)

Slot and Groove, Olivia Bax (2015)

Pumpkin, Yayoi Kusama (2014)

Sleeping Muse, Constantin Brancusi (1910)

Big Bird, Andre Willequet (1964-65)

Man and Woman With Dog, José Vermeesch (1982)

Protestors, Drago Trsar (1957)

Six People, Luciano Minguzzi (1958)

Untitled, Philippe Jaques (1987)

Lion of Damascus, Mirko Basaldella (1954-1956)

Female Rock, Fritz Wotruba (1948)

De Danspas, Giacomo Manzu (1950)