MyMiniFactory and Autodesk's Tinkercad are working together to make 3D printing more accesible than ever before. Use this page as a resource for all things Tinkercad and 3D printing - find tutorials to help you get stuck in, and awesome Tinkercad creations for inspiration. Users can upload their Tinkercad designs directly to MyMiniFactory, so go ahead and get sharing now. If you have any feedback or questions then please let us know, we're here to help!

Tinkercad, a world-leading 3D design tool for all

Tinkercad is one of the most popular and accessible browser-based 3D design and modelling tools. Drag and drop, resize, rotate, move, arrange, align and combine simple shapes to create and modify 3D objects in a very intuitive and playful way. Sign up now and join the Tinker community for free.

Tinkercad and MyMiniFactory

MyMiniFactory and Tinkercad share the same vision: bringing 3D content to the masses. In light of this vision a partnership was a logical step in the development of our two platforms. We have worked hard together to offer you the option to share and upload your designs directly from Tinkercad to MyMiniFactory meaning that it is easier than ever before to share your awesome designs with the 3D printing community!

Designed in Tinkercad

Check out some designs below for inspriation, head over to Tinkercad now to create your own.


Learn the basics by going through these six lessons, right in the Tinkercad workspace.

About Moves
By Tinkercad

Camera Controls
By Tinkercad

Creating Holes
By Tinkercad

Scaling, Copying and Pasting
By Tinkercad

Adding Text
By Tinkercad

Die on the Workplane
By Tinkercad


We love Tinkercad, and we show it! Discover our exclusive tutorials, and develop your design skills and your creativity step by step!

Play-Doh Moulds
Convert any 3D object into a mould compatible with modelling clay and magic sand. 

Fillable Moulds
Want to make your own ice cubes, candles, plaster statues, soaps? Just follow this guide!